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Nanosystems Engineering

NSE 303: Nanosystems Engineering Laboratory

The objectives of NSE 303 are to enable nanosystems engineering students the knowledge and skills to:


This course is centered around a nanomanufacturing project where students are tasked with selecting, analyzing, and designing a nanofabrication process suitable for scale-up for the production of CdSe quantum dots. Students are required to conduct literature searches of journals and patent databases for current process techniques and evaluate the feasibility of scale-up of these process for commercial production considering factors such as economics, quality control, manufacturability, safety, and environmental concerns. Students also conduct baseline experiments on their selected nanofabrication processes and seek ways to optimize their processes subject to the design factors.

Photos of students from lab experiments in NSE 303:

Students in the NSE 303 LabDr. Palmer works with a student in the NSE 303 Lab.

Photos of quantum dots produced and lab setup in fume hoods:

Nanofabrication materials in the NSE 303 LabNanofabrication machinery in the NSE 303 Lab

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