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Nanosystems Engineering


NSE 201: Fundamentals of Nanosystems Engineering 3-1-2. Prerequisites CHEM 102 and PHYS 201. Fundamentals of nanotechnology and its application to engineering systems, emphasizing basic principles, materials, measurement tools, fabrication techniques, and applications.

NSE 301: Nanosystems Engineering Research Seminar 3-0-1. Prerequisites NSE 201 and ELEN 334. Introduction to methods of research and development for nanosystems engineering projects such as literature reviews, scientific writing and presentation, and research program development.

NSE 303: Nanosystems Engineering Laboratory 3-0-1. Prerequisites CHEM 251, 251 & co-req. MSE 406. Laboratory instruction and practical experiences with fabrication equipment, metrology instruments, and clean room/lab environments associated with nanosystems engineering.

NSE 406: Nanosystems Engineering Senior Design I 3-0-1. Preq. NSE 301. Open-ended, team-based engineering design/research projects that draw on the students' entire academic experience utilizing the engineering design process.

NSE 407: Nanosystems Engineering Senior Design II 3-0-1. Preq. NSE 401. A continuation of NSE 401 with emphasis on detailed system design.

NSE 408: Nanosystems Engineering Senior Design III 3-0-1. Preq. NSE 402. A continuation of NSE 402 with emphasis on prototype construction, testing, and evaluation.

NSE 410: Nanosystems and Devices 0-3-3. Prerequisites NSE 490, MSE 404, and MSE 406. Overview of nanosystems, nanodevices, and nanosensors including synthesis, modeling, analysis, design and optimization and their application i areas such as nanofluidics, magnetics, electronics, and biotechnology.

NSE 490: Nanosystems Modeling 0-3-3. Prerequisites CHEM 251. Application of molecular simulation to nanosystems engineering problems. Molecular modeling principles and techniques such as quantum mechanics, molecular dynamics, and Monte Carlo methods.

MSE 404: Advanced Materials for Micro/Nano Devices and Systems 0-3-3. Prerequisites MSE 401 or NSE 201. Fundamentals of advanced materials used for the realization of micro/nano devices and systems, emphasizing the properties and characteristics of various materials.

MSE 406: Micro/Nano Scale Materials Measurement and Analysis 0-3-3. Prerequisites NSE 201 or MSE 401. Fundamentals of micro/nano scale material measurements and analysis based upon modern techniques.

ELEN 334: Solid State Electronics 0-3-3. Prerequisite PHYS 202. Fundamentals of solid state electronic materials and devices, emphasizing semiconductors and principles of operation of ULSI devices.

MEEN 382: Basic Measurements 3-1-2. Prerequisite ENGR 221. Techniques and instruments for making and analyzing measurements in engineering.

PHYS 412: Introduction to Solid State Physics 0-3-3. Prerequisite PHYS 202. Introduction to the fundamentals of material structures at the atomic, nano- and microscale emphasizing properties.

NOTE: Students take an additional 12 semester credits hours within an engineering concentration area chosen from biomedical, chemical, electrical, or mechanical engineering.