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Conference on Nanotechnology for Louisiana

Louisiana Tech University will host its fourth annual conference at the Louisiana Tech Shreveport Center.  Past conferences were on Energy Systems in 2009, Sustainable Infrastructure Systems in 2010, and Cyber-Engineering in 2011.  These conferences are designed to

         (a) to inform the public about current developments, investments, and societal impacts of the chosen theme for the conference, and
         (b) to inform the public about ongoing research and development at Louisiana Tech in the thematic area.

Conference Theme - Nanotechnology

The National Nanotechnology Initiative website (www.nano.gov) defines nanotechnology as "the understanding and control of matter at the nanoscale, at the dimensions between approximately 1 and 100 nanometers ..." The website also points out that "[a] sheet of paper is about 100,000 nanometers thick."

The U.S. government and industry have been investing in nanotechnology research and education for more than a decade.  Examples of nanotechnology breakthroughs that benefit society are sports equipment and luggage, scratch-resistant coatings on smart phones, wrinkle and stain-resistant fabrics, high-capacity batteries, and UV-resistant cosmetic products.  New nanotechnology-based drug delivery systems, flexible electronic displays, high-efficiency solar panels, self-healing paints, etc. are in various stages of development and will become available in the near future.


The morning session will feature presentations by representatives from state and local government, civic organizations, and industry, while the afternoon session will feature presentations by Louisiana Tech researchers. Discussions between the audience and presenters are encouraged and facilitated.

Featured Speakers

Speakers will include representatives from Louisiana Economic Development, NanoFex LLC (a New Orleans-based company), Radiance Technologies (an Alabama-based company with offices in North Louisiana, American Strategic Initiatives (a North Louisiana company), Jupiter Fuels LLC (a Louisiana Tech start-up), Cameron International (a Houston-based oil and gas exploration company) and Ford Motor Company.

Conference Registration

Registration: $50 until November 5, 2012; $75 after that date and on-site*.

On-Line Registration

*On-site registration is limited to cash or check only.

Location (map)

Louisiana Tech University Shreveport Center
8028 Shrevepark Drive
Shreveport, LA 71149

Date & Time

November 9, 8:30-4:30

Conference Contacts

Dr. Scott Forrest, Ph.D. Lt Col USAFR (ret)
Director, Technology Transfer Center
(318) 686-4990

June Edwards
Administrative Assistant
(318) 671-7803