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Louisiana Tech Faculty, Students Celebrate Role in Ground-Breaking Physics Discovery

All week, excitement has been building internationally as physicists prepared to present the latest results in their hunt for the Higgs particle which is the key to answering the question: Why does matter have mass?

Early this morning, scientists from around the globe, including nearly 30 Louisiana Tech students, faculty and family members who gathered at 2:00 a.m. on the Tech campus, watched the live webcast from CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, as it was announced that they have observed a new particle.  Read more...

Physics Professor's Image Becomes Standard for Peer Review Publication

A Louisiana Tech College of Engineering and Science physics professor has helped create an image that has become a standard for peer review publications.

Markus Wobisch, assistant professor of physics at Louisiana Tech, and his collaborators at “fastNLO” created the “World Summary Figure on Inclusive Jet Theory-Data Comparisons,” which has been accepted for print by the prestigious Particle Data Group Review of Particle Properties.  This marks the second time that this image has been used in this publication. Read more...