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Research Centers

Research Centers

Interdisciplinary research has been a part of Louisiana Tech since well before the term became a national buzzword. A team of out-of-state experts who visited the campus recently to evaluate one of our degree programs said:

"The review team was very impressed with the genuine interdisciplinary and collaborative culture that exists at Louisiana Tech. This is an extremely difficult situation to achieve, and most universities are not nearly as good at such enterprises. This culture is essential to the success of this program or any other that bridges disciplines."

We believe that this culture will serve us well in the future because most of the pressing scientific and technological problems of today and of the foreseeable future are interdisciplinary. Our major research thrusts are aimed at the interfaces between multiple traditional disciplinary boundaries. Examples of this interdisciplinary research are drug delivery systems, tissue engineering, real-time environmental monitoring, trenchless installation, inspection, and remediation of underground utilities, ultra-sensitive medical imaging, computational nanotechnology, bioinformatics, and layer-by-layer assembly for the pulp and paper industry.

Eight research centers and the Office of University Research provide the formal framework for most of these research efforts. We invite you to explore the links to the left and contact the appropriate center directors if you wish to get more information.