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Diversify Your Education with E&S and STEM Plus

E&S Plus is a choice of several programs that can diversify your engineering or science experience through College of Engineering and Science partnerships with the Colleges of Education and Administration and Business. By taking designated education or business classes throughout your undergraduate career, you have the opportunity to gain focused understanding in these fields. These programs are available at Louisiana Tech and are flexible enough to be completed in a short amount of time.

Master of Arts in Teaching

If you want to make a difference in the lives of young people, consider the Master of Arts in Teaching program offered by the College of Education. You can use your knowledge to fill a large need in today's society, challenging students in math and science or other content areas and preparing them for college - maybe even to be engineers and scientists! If you choose to participate, you will begin taking graduate education classes during the senior year of your undergraduate engineering/science degree program. After approximately one additional year of graduate coursework, you will have earned both a Master's degree and alternative teacher certification for Louisiana. If you are interested in this opportunity, visit the Alternative Certification Programs website.


The Master of Business Administration offered by Louisiana Tech provides broad knowledge and integration of all business disciplines. Through participation in this program, you can earn both an engineering/science degree and an MBA in five years. Those degrees will give you practical knowledge and experience that can be utilized in many corporate positions. For more information, visit the MBA website.


Do you have an inventor's mind? The Innovation through Multidisciplinary Projects and Collaborative Teams (IMPaCT) program provides an excellent opportunity for engineering, science, business, and other majors to collaborate and create innovative products. As a sophomore or junior, you can take the three one-hour classes (ENTR 489A - Innovative Product Design) for credit as a technical elective, and/or you can take them later for your senior design credit (ENGR 489A - Multidisciplinary Design). You also have the option of earning an Entrepreneurship or Business Administration minor as a part of the program. For a list of the IMPaCT academic courses and more information, contact Dr. Kelly Crittenden.

Other Business Opportunities

As an engineering or science graduate, you will always be able to use business knowledge, especially if you want to move into your company's management team. The College of Administration and Business has several opportunities to gain that experience. First, there are eight minors that can be suited to your strengths and goals, and they only require up to 21 additional credit hours. For more information, visit the Business Minors for Non-Business Majors website. Other options are to become involved in the "Top Dawg" Business Plan Competition and/or the Association of Business, Engineering & Science Entrepreneurs (ABESE). You can also enroll in ENTR 460 (Innovative Venture Research) to investigate commercialization of new inventions or take ENTR 410 to put together a business plan for a technology venture. These opportunities are so diverse that you are sure to find one that fits your business goals.

Other Minors

Louisiana Tech offers a long list of minors. Why not connect whatever excites you with engineering or science? This option could provide you with a focused niche and perfect job opportunity one day. For a list of minors available to you, visit the College of Engineering and Science Undergraduate Studies Office in Bogard Hall 217.


Use E&S Plus to make your degree fit you. No matter which focus you choose, your education will prepare you to be a leader in our world. Where do you want to lead?

"Engineers and scientists have a goal and an obligation to serve society through the application of technical principles. These E&S Plus opportunities provide avenues for engineers and scientists to use their problem-solving skills for direct impact on students, businesses, colleagues, and the people of our world. Please consider how you can optimize your education through one of these opportunities."

-Dr. Stan Napper, Vice President, Research and Development

Equipping Engineers and Scientists to Be Teachers

STEM Plus is designed for people with a background in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics) field and the desire to make a difference in Louisiana's educational system. Applications are available for current undergraduate students majoring in a STEM field or professionals who already have a STEM degree and are working in industry. Graduates of this program will use their talents and experience to teach in the K-12 school system.

To start the application process, set up an appointment with Ms. Melanie Gleason, the Certification Counselor in the College of Education (Woodard Hall #129D).

For more information or to discuss your options further, please contact:

Grand Challenge Scholars Program

Louisiana Tech is one of twelve universities nationwide with an active Grand Challenge Scholars program. The National Academy of Engineers Grand Challenge Scholars Program is designed to prepare engineering and science students to solve some of the most important and complex issues facing our world in the 21st century by addressing one of fourteen Grand Challenges set out by the Academy. The Louisiana Tech College of Engineering and Science Grand Challenge Scholar Program encourages, educates and prepares Tech students to lead the charge in addressing these Grand Challenges. Solving these problems will require the best efforts of engineers and scientists integrating their knowledge, expertise and creativity with a variety of other experts in global and social issues. Students who enroll in the program will engage in interdisciplinary scholarship and research.

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