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Ethical Standards

Students in the College of Engineering and Science are preparing to enter professions that demand high ethical standards. Therefore, honesty and high ethical standards are demanded of these students and all others taking courses in the College. It is the student's right and responsibility to discourage and report academic misconduct. The failure to do so is a breach of ethical standards.

Academic misconduct is a serious breach of ethics in academic activities, such as examinations, reports, and homework. It may occur in any of the following forms:

Giving or receiving unauthorized aid,
Stealing or plagiarizing the substance, work or ideas of others or
Lying, using evasive statements or concealing the truth behind technicalities.

Student-written computer programs and data are not to be shared with other students without the specific authorization of the responsible faculty. Students are responsible for protecting their disks from unauthorized access.

The determination of academic misconduct will be made in accordance with the University's "Academic Misconduct" section of this Bulletin.

Repeated occurrences of academic misconduct are specifically contrary to the standards of personal integrity required by the professions connected with the programs in the College of Engineering and Science. Therefore, a stronger penalty may be incurred for repeated academic misconduct, including dismissal from the College.