Dr. Ben Choi receives U.S. patent on groundbreaking computing research

Dr. Ben Choi, associate professor of computer science at Louisiana Tech University, has received a U.S. patent (10,795,854) on groundbreaking technology, “Method and apparatus for constructing multivalued microprocessor.” Choi has designed a new microprocessor that goes beyond the traditional binary values and has the potential to revolutionize the computing industry.

Choi used his expertise in computing and electrical systems to develop and patent designs and processes for increasing the computational speed and memory by breaking away from binary values to use more than two numerical values on microprocessors. Once manufactured, this improvement to the foundational architecture for designing and building microprocessors will be the only patented non-binary (multivalued) technique in the world.

In recent years, computing has inched closer to speed limits due to the limited speed for changing between 0 and 1. With Choi’s groundbreaking, multiple-digit logic gate microprocessors that allow processing more digits at once, devices like phones, tablets, computers, tvs, and home systems will be able to process data faster and thus get smarter.

“This new microprocessor is a game changer,” Choi said. “It could improve the ways that our technology works for us by increasing the computational speed and, therefore, the functionality of applications. In the near future, computers could be built based on this technology.”

Choi earned his PhD, MS, and BS degrees from The Ohio State University, specializing in computer science, computer engineering and electrical engineering.  His research focus areas include Humanoid Robots, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Intelligent Agents, Semantic Web, Data Mining, Fuzzy Systems, and Parallel Computing. Choi received two previous U.S. patents: one on creating new search engines and the another on the automatic organization of computer files.