2021 Senior Projects Conference

Welcome to the 2021 College of Engineering and Science Senior Projects Conference!

We are excited to have alumni, parents, faculty, students, and friends of the College attend this conference. Your attendance helps us provide our senior students with a forum to exhibit technical and soft skills that they have learned in their curricula. During the conference, you will have the opportunity to see how our undergraduates have overcome limitations due to the coronavirus pandemic to solve a variety of problems, often resulting in deliverable prototypes.

Many of the projects presented today will have an immediate impact on industrial and government sponsors, saving them time and money. Other projects add to ongoing faculty research, and some projects provide solutions for more generalized problems in engineering and science. Each project tackles an ongoing challenge that we must address.

We hope that you will participate in this event by completing evaluation forms that are available in the presentation rooms. Your objective assessment of the students’ work and the quality of the presentations is extremely valuable to us and is used by many of our programs as part of their continuous improvement process. Also, please feel free to suggest topics for future projects and ideas for improving the conference. Our shared goal is to strengthen and enhance the preparation of our graduates for the transition into professional practice. Thank you for helping us achieve that goal.

Hisham Hegab, Ph.D.

Dean, College of Engineering and Science,
Max Watson, Sr., Professor

Integrated Engineering & Science Building (IESB) Map

2021 Senior Projects Conference Directory of Presentations. First Floor: Civil Engineering 124, Instrumentation and Control Systems Engineering Technology 105, Mechanical Engineering 112, 114, 122, Multidisciplinary Engineering 126; Second Floor: Biomedical Engineering 224, Chemical Engineering 212, 214, Computer Science 216, 218, Construction Engineering Technology 220, 222, Cyber Engineering 226, Electrical Engineering 210, 228, Industrial Engineering 205; Third Floor: Chemistry 318, Mathematics & Statistics 302, Nanosystems Engineering 308, Physics 308.

Directory of Presentations

Opening Remarks IESB Rotunda
Biomedical Engineering IESB 224
Chemical Engineering IESB 212, 214
Chemistry IESB 318
Civil Engineering IESB 124
Computer Science IESB 216, 218
Construction Engineering Technology IESB 220, 222
Cyber Engineering IESB 226
Electrical Engineering IESB 210, 228
Industrial Engineering IESB 205
Instrumentation & Control Systems Engineering Technology IESB 105
Mathematics & Statistics IESB 302
Mechanical Engineering IESB 112, 114, 122
Multidisciplinary Engineering IESB 126
Nanosystems Engineering IESB 308
Physics IESB 308


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