E&S Foundation Board

The Engineering and Science Foundation Board supports the activities and programs of the College, serves as an advisory committee to the Dean, secures funds to meet the College’s needs and coordinates efforts with the University Foundation.

The Board consists of Directors, Associate Directors (less than five years out of school), leaders of program advisory boards, and Life Directors. Officers are elected from the Director membership. Directors are selected from recommendations of various sources. Anyone may suggest a Director, and suggestions are welcome.


Roger Danzy (Mechanical Engineering ‘71)

Bill Bailey (Electrical Engineering ‘87)
Vice President

Kimberly McDaniel (Civil Engineering ‘03)

Janinen Svigel Lotz (Biomedical Engineering and Chemical Engineering ‘78)
Past President

Life Directors

William “Billy” Brown (CE ‘75)
David Bufkin (ME ‘48)
John Dailey, Jr. (ME ‘43)
Travis DeFreese (EE ‘54)
Bruce deLeon (CS ‘69)
Joe English (ME ‘61)
Tommy Folk (CE ‘69)
Ronald Harrell (PE ‘57)
Earl Hogan (CE ‘42)
A.C. Hollins, Jr. (CET ‘72)
Tom Jeffery (ChE ‘56)
Mike Kern (ChE ‘71)
Thurmon Lauret (CE ‘66)
Jerry Lazenby (CE ‘65)
John “Billy” Moore (CE ‘72)
John Morris (EE ‘68)
Virgil Orr (ChE ‘44)
Ernie Perez (EE ‘67)
Tim Petrus (EE ‘76)
Tom Singletary (MATH ‘68)
Thomas Smith (IE ‘65)
Jimmy Terrill (PE ‘59)
Gene Trammell (ME ‘78)
Jim Wyche (ChE ’57)


Frank Auer (Petroleum Engineering)

Bill Bailey (Electrical Engineering ’89)

Mike Burrow (Mechanical Engineering ’69)

Elizabeth Lawson Burton (Civil Engineering ’98)

Sam Costanza (Industrial Engineering ’03)

Robert Elder

Kristie Grinnell

Stephen Guion (Biomedical Engineering ’96)

Sydney Hughes (Chemical Engineering ’12)

Tom Muse

Hilton Nichoslon (Electrical Engineering ’80)

David Rentrop (Chemical Engineering ’78)

Malcolm Smoak

Elizabeth Taylor (Industrial Engineering ’01)

Ray Weaver (Geology ’77)

Chad Williams (Chemical Engineering ’79 and Petroleum Engineering ’80)

Associate Directors

Clardy Warren (Chemical Engineering ’16)

Caroline Fontenot (Cyber Engineering ’18)

Kelly Houghton (Biomedical Engineering ’18)

Faculty Representative

Dr. Krystal Corbett (ME ‘08)