Laptop and Software Installation

Attendees who indicated that they have their own laptops are expected to bring their laptops to each day of the CREWE workshop. To expedite the pace of some of the activities, we highly encourage you all to install all the following software (SW) programs on your laptops:

1.) MiniZinc IDE:

2.) Arduino IDE:

And on your phones, please download the Google Fit app from either the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android). Then log in using your Google account. This will give you real data to use for one of Monday’s presentations.

If you do not have these programs installed before the workshop begins, you will have to install each of them during the workshop (and downloading them via Wi-Fi may be slow).

For attendees who indicated that they do not have their own laptop, we will have up to 4 loaner laptops available for you to use. When you arrive at University Hall on Sunday, please ask Dr. Lori Jacques or Dr. Droz to provide one of these laptops. The loaner laptops will have these 2 programs installed on them already.