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We look forward to meeting with our future students and showing you everything the College of Engineering and Science, Louisiana Tech, and the Ruston community have to offer. For more information or to plan your tour of the College of Engineering and Science, contact Admissions Specialist Leslie Brister at 318.257.2842 or

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Looking for events to attend? The College of Engineering and Science and Louisiana Tech University both offer year-round social, academic, and community events. Find out what’s happening on campus and around Ruston.

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What to Know before You Arrive

Before you join us on campus, make sure you’ve completed the admission and financial aid checklists below.

Senior Admission Checklist

Financial Aid Checklist

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Living with the Lab and Living with Cyber Programs

Engineering and computer science majors will spend your first year immersed in hands-on, project-based education through either Louisiana Tech’s Living with the Lab or Living with Cyber program. Throughout the year, you’ll design an independent project and present it at a year-end expo.

Living with the Lab

Planning to major in an engineering discipline? You’ll spend your first year in a hands-on, project-based curriculum designed to give you the confidence and technical skills to design and present real-world applications at a year-end design expo.

Living with Cyber

Majoring in Computer Science or Cyber Engineering? Louisiana Tech’s first-year computing curriculum will provide you with a unique hardware platform and hands-on projects in the intricacies of computing that results in an immersive learning environment.
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COES Student Success Specialists

The College of Engineering and Science Student Success Specialists are dedicated to your success and are here to provide guidance for your journey through your education with us. Whether you have questions about your curriculum, are looking for tutors, or are looking for organizations to join, our Student Success Specialists are here to help.

Contact Student Success Specialist Shannon Smith ( to set up a one-on-one appointment.

Integrated Engineering and Science Building 109 | 318.257.2260

What to Expect Your First Year

Once you join us, you’ll meet with your advisor to discuss your curriculum and register for your first quarter at Orientation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do I Need to Bring to Advising?

Step 1: Find your advisor’s name on B.O.S.S.

Step 2: Contact your advisor to schedule an advising session.

Step 3: Bring an advising form, filled out with course numbers, sections, call numbers, dates and times, an up-to-date curriculum sheet, and something to write with.

*If you are enrolled in FYE 100, ENGR/HNRS 120, or ENGR/HNRS 121, you will be advised in class.

How Do I Register for Classes?

Logging in to the B.O.S.S. Registration System

Step 1: Go to B.O.S.S.

Step 2: Select “Student B.O.S.S. Login.” This will put you on a “Student Login” page.

Step 3: Insert your eight-digit campus-wide ID number (CWID) into the “Student ID” field. Don’t use the dashes.

Step 4: Insert your six-digit B.O.S.S. personal identification (PIN) number into the PIN field.

Step 5: Click the “Login” button. If all the information is filled out correctly, this action will lead you to your student page.

Registering through the B.O.S.S. System

Step 6: Select the term for which you are applying.

Step 7: Register for classes.

Step 8: Mouse over “Student Records” and select “Account Summary/Payments” to pay for your classes/confirm your schedule.

Step 9: Select “Pay by Credit Card,” “Pay by eCheck,” or “Confirm Schedule,” and follow instructions. *YOU MUST CONFIRM YOUR SCHEDULE AFTER YOU PAY.*

What Mathematics Class Do I Take Next?

  • If you started in Math 101, take Math 240 next.
  • If you started in Math 100B & 100C, take Math 112, then Math 240.
  • If you started in Math 099, then take Math 100B & 100C, followed by Math 112, then Math 240.
  • If you started in Math 103B & 103C, then take Math 100B & 100C, followed by Math 112, then Math 240.

*You must complete each class with a “C” or higher to take the next class.