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Computational Analysis & Modeling


Program: Biomedical Engineering

Dr. Thomas Bishop, bishop@latech.edu, theoretical and computational molecular biology with a particular emphasis in molecular modeling and molecular dynamics simulations of proteins and DNA, multiscale model of DNA, nucleosomes and chromatin

Dr. Stan Cronk, cronk@latech.edu, Assistive technologies for rehabilitation

Dr. Mark DeCoster, decoster@latech.edu, Cellular neuroscience, image processing

Dr. Leonidas Iasemidis, Leonidas@latech.edu, Nonlinear dynamics and the development of new measures of dynamics for the detection, prediction and control of crises in complex coupled systems, in particular the animal and human epileptic brain

Program: Computer Science

Dr. Ben Choi, choi@latech.edu, Web page classification tools; robotics and virtual reality; tools for parallel and distributed computing

Dr. Sumeet Dua, sdua@latech.edu, Data mining in high -dimensional data domains: Bioinformatics, Biomedical and Clinical Informatics, Distributed heterogeneous database integration

Dr. Jean Gourd, jgourd@latech.edu, Cyber security, artificial intelligence, soft computing, distributed computing, and software engineering

Dr. Box Leangsuksun, box@latech.edu, High Availability and Performance Computing. Intelligent component-based Software Engineering; Convergence Computing and Service Engineering (Wireless, Wireline, IP, VOIP, Telephony, Presence and IM, devices based)

Program: Mathematics and Statistics

Dr. Weizhon Dai, dai@latech.edu, Numerical methods for heat transfer; Computational fluid dynamics; Numerical simulation for bioelectro-magnetics; Numerical methods for Micro-fabrication

Dr. Katie Evans, kevans@latech.edu, Stat Control theory; numerical analysis; dynamic modeling of physical systems

Dr. Sonming Hou, Songming, shou@latech.edu, Time Reversal and Imaging, interface problems

Dr. Don Liu, donliu@latech.edu, Applied mathematics, numerical solutions to PDE; modeling of Microsystems

Dr. Raj Nassar, nassar@latech.edu, Applied statistics; stochastic processes

Program: Physics

Dr. Pedro Derosa, pderosa@latech.edu, Molecular simulations, semi-empirical methods, and molecular dynamics;Modeling of polymers and nanostructured materials

Dr. Dick Greenwood, greenw@phys.latech.edu, Grid-Computing for HEP data analysis; Monte-Carlo methods for HEPDetector design and optimization

Dr. Lee Sawyer, sawyer@phys.latech.edu, Software design for HEP data acquisition and analysis; Detector simulations for experiments at future colliders

Dr. Neven Simicevic, jdranka@latech.edu, Monte-Carlo methods for nuclear physics experiment design; interaction of EM pulses with biological tissue; computational physics

Dr. Steve Wells, wells@phys.latech.edu, Monte-Carlo methods for nuclear physics experiment design; scattering theory; computational physics

Dr. Markus Wobisch, wobisch@latech.edu, Development of fast next-to-leading order QCD calculation methods

Program: Chemistry

Dr. Ramu Ramachandran, ramu@latech.edu, Computational chemistry; quantum and classical molecular reaction dynamics

Dr. Collin Wick, cwick@latech.edu, Molecular dynamics simulations, ionic liquids, lithium ion batteries, proton transport in fuel cells, thermodynamics of polymer solutions, coarse-graining methods for molecular modeling, molecular simulation of phase equilibrium

Program: Mechanical Engineering

Dr. David Hall, dehall@latech.edu, Experimental, computational, and analytical modeling for pipeline rehabilitation; Visualization methods for engineering

Dr. Hisham Hegab, hhegab@latech.edu, Computational methods in heat transfer and fluid mechanics

Program: Industrial Engineering

Dr. Jun-Ing Ker, ker@latech.edu, Automated inspection; Quality control; Human Factors; Computer Vision

Program: Civil Engineering

Dr. Jay Wang, xwang@latech.edu, Application of the Finite Element Method to geo-technical engineering, Soil mechanics and computational mechanics.

Program: Chemical Engineering

Dr. Daniela Mainardi, mainardi@latech.edu, Computational molecular modeling; electrochemistry; nanotechnology

Dr. James Palmer, jpalmer@latech.edu, Chemical reactor modeling, micro-mixing, fluid dynamics, micro-channel reactors

Dr. Eric Sherer, esherer@latech.edu, Disease progression modeling; screening and surveillance of colorectal cancer; application of genetic algorithms for pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic modeling building

Program: Electrical Engineering

Dr. Rastko Selmic, rselmic@latech.edu, Wireless sensor networks; Adaptive control, neural networks, and fuzzy logic. in control systems

Program: Biology and Environmental Sciences

Dr. Jeffrey Yule, jyule@latech.edu, Modeling of Extinctions and Ecological Evolutionary-ecological, and Environmental Systems

Program: Business

Dr. Jim Cochran, jcochran@latech.edu, Applied statistics, computationally intensive statistics, statistical learning, large scale constrained optimization

Program: Forestry

Dr. Bogdan Strimbu, strimbu@latech.edu, Biometrics, sampling, landscape level planning and remote sensing