The Albany Conversations at Louisiana Tech University

ACT ’23
Ruston, Louisiana USA
June 13-17, 2023

Louisiana Tech University invites you to join us in Ruston as we seek to continue the Albany Conversations at Tech in 2023 (ACT ‘23), preserve its rich history and establish new traditions. If you are interested in planning and participating in ACT ’23 please contact Professor Tom C. Bishop.

About the Albany Conversations

In 1979, Professor Ramaswamy H. Sarma invited a few of his scientific colleagues for a Conversation at the State University of New York in Albany.  Since then the Albany Conversations on Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics have continued every other year at SUNY.  The Conversations now include about 250-300 scientists from over 20 countries.  Each five-day Albany Conversation began on a Tuesday in early June (of an odd year) with a welcome dinner and celebration, a Russian-Israeli party on Thursday night,  evening addresses by one or two Nobel Laureates, and a Big Feast on Friday.  Scientific sessions for each Conversation covered a wide range of computational, theoretical, and experimental aspects of biomolecular structure and dynamics. Speakers ranged from budding students to world-renowned experts. Posters were displayed for the duration of the meetings and served as conversation starters.  International collaborations were forged and several Nobel Laureates can trace their career development to the Albany Conversations.

After 20 Conversations spanning a 40 year period, Professor Sarma is retiring and seeking to hand over the Conversation to the next generation. A critical element of the success of the Albany Conversations has always been an environment, isolated from distractions, that supports extended conversations and fosters lasting relationships. After careful consideration, Louisiana Tech University in Ruston, Louisiana, was identified as providing an ideal setting for continuing the Conversations.