Join a Loyal Group of Alumni

Smiling graduate student holding a book bag outside a building

Louisiana Tech alumni are loyal. In fact, if you’ve ever visited our campus,  you’ve probably heard someone say, “Ever Loyal Be.” This vast network of Bulldog alumni becomes a valuable resource for our graduates, assisting them with job searches and acting as mentors.

Here is what one of our recent MS ETM graduates said about her experience in the College of Engineering and Science.

When I graduated in 2013 with my undergraduate degree in chemistry, I started out as a Field Engineer for Baker Hughes. I worked in the oil and gas field for a couple of years and during a downturn in the oil and gas industry cycle, I decided to further my education in order to advance my career. I found the ETM program at Tech and decided to also get a Black Belt in Six Sigma while I was obtaining my master’s degree. Although it took a couple of years of aggressive job hunting, I was able to land the career of my dreams in part because of the ETM degree and the Black Belt in Six Sigma certificate. I was hired on as a plant manager immediately and could not be happier with my decision to go back to school. The program not only gave me a massive leg up in the job search, but it has also been extremely beneficial to me as a plant manager. I need to know how to increase quality and productivity efficiently and quickly but in a safe and organized manner, and this degree gave me the skills to build my experience on. Thank you, Dr. Hegab for all your generous help and for this fantastic Engineering and Technology Management and Six Sigma program.” Amy Colbert, Plant Manager Hood PackagingYou can join this group of successful engineering management professionals and be “ever loyal.”

Let us know if we can answer any questions about your next steps in the application process.

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