Senior Projects Conference

Civil Engineering Presentations

Project Schedule

Room 124: Join us on Zoom.

1:00 p.m.
Tech Project

Team Name: The Bulldog Builders
Team Members: Jacob Beulah-Walton, Jarrett Elliott, Owen Hart, Alexandra Leblanc
Sponsor: Monroe District, Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development, with Mr. Thomas Marshall Hill, P.E., P.L.S
Advisor: Dr. Nazimuddin Wasiuddin

1:25 p.m.
Cheniere Lake Bridge and Drawdown Structure

Team Name: Group 2
Team Members: Micaela Clouse, Anna Katya Opel, Lannie Skelly, Casey Staller
Sponsor: Monroe District, Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development, with Mr. Thomas Marshall Hill, P.E., P.L.S
Advisor: Dr. Eric Borquist

1:50 p.m.
Bridge Replacement on LA 507

Team Name: Team 3
Team Members: Cole Albritton, Brandon Ashlock, Brian Cespiva, Jack Godbery
Sponsor: Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development – District 04 with Robert C. Tomasek, P.E
Advisor: Dr. Shawn Sun

2:15 p.m.
Pierremont Park Gravity Sewer Improvements

Team Name: Team 4
Team Members: Tanner Borskey, Johne Brooks, James Malone, Joshua Reed
Sponsor: Civil Design Group, LLC, with Mr. Mitch Guy, P.E.
Advisor: Dr. Shaurav Alam

2:40 p.m.
Box Culvert Replacement-Ockley Ditch at Ratcliff

Team Name: Group 5
Team Members: Brady Ewing, Christopher London, Bennett Lowery, Matthew Mire
Sponsor: Caddo Levee District, City of Shreveport, with Mr. Ali Mustapha, P.E.
Advisor: Mr. Reginald Jeter

3:05 p.m.
Twin City Distributors: Warehouse and Office Building

Team Name: GS(M^2) Consulting
Team Members: Matthew Barbier, Gabriel Clottey, Sydney Thibodeaux, Mark Veasey
Sponsor: Aillet Fenner Jolly McClelland, Inc. with Mr. Daniel Thompson
Advisor: Dr. Jay Wang and Dr. Shawn Sun

3:30 p.m.
East Hardy

Team Name: Group 7
Team Members: Wade Burton, Chenjun Lu, Benjamin Robins
Sponsor: Civil and Stuctural Engineer, Inc. with Mr. Mike Smith, P.E.
Advisor: Dr. Shawn Sun



Tech Project

Following the tornado that hit Louisiana Tech’s Ruston campus in April of 2019, work needed/needs to be done to restore the campus and move on. Our project is a part of this recovery. For this project, we were tasked with: designing a more efficient method for pedestrians to cross LA HWY 544, also known as Tech Drive, design a retaining wall for the new baseball stadium which is currently under construction, design a new parking lot for the baseball stadium, and design a new parking lot for the dormitories which will be built on the corner of Railroad Avenue and Tech Drive.

Cheniere Lake Bridge and Drawdown Structure

The Cheniere Lake bridge is a concrete slab bridge with timber spans in West Monroe, Louisiana. The structure needs to be demolished as it has received a bridge inspection rating of poor in 2016. In place of the bridge, an earthen levee will be constructed with a roadway on top. Parameters include designing a draw-down structure to lower the lake level by four inches per day and keeping back-flow from entering the lake through the Ouachita River. Analysis of the geotechnical report, soil borings, existing levee, and watershed area are performed for the design. The team is partnered with Construction Engineering Technology students to create a cost estimate and sequence of construction.

Bridge Replacement on LA 507

The LA 507 bridge is a 2-span, 120-foot long bridge near Bienville, Louisiana. This bridge needs to be replaced due to age and deterioration, and the constant use by fully loaded trucks transporting resources. The goal of the project is to design a bridge using a 25-year return period in place of the current design. The scope of this project includes the bridge and its approach, pavement structure, drainage design, right-of-way needs, temporary detour roadway layout/design and traffic control, and construction sequence. Redesigning this bridge will allow for safer passage to and from Bienville and for the heavy traffic of trucks transporting around the area.

Pierremont Park Gravity Sewer Improvements

We, Team 4, were tasked with the design of a new 30” aerial crossing spanning the width of Bayou Pierre. The main objective of this project is to construct a new support system to carry a larger pipe load while avoiding obstruction to the flow of Bayou Pierre. The existing design consists of two intermediate pier supports that currently obstruct the flow of water by collecting debris at its base, resulting in build-up and increased flood elevation in that area. Along with our objective, our major design constraint would be to design this support system in a way that would not raise the 100-yr water surface elevation by more than one-tenth of a foot (1.2 inches).

Box Culvert Replacement-Ockley Ditch at Ratcliff

This project documents the design and calculations for the Box Culvert Replacement project assigned in September of 2019. The project requires our team to redesign an existing canal and bridge located in Shreveport, Louisiana, with a budget of $500,000 set for the construction of the bridge portion. Parameters of the project required our team to develop a design that includes: hydraulic analysis, design of stormwater canal system, structural retaining walls, concrete lining, structural design of the bridge, and a geotechnical analysis of underlying soils surrounding the bridge. Our main goals are to provide a sufficient canal design to eliminate flooding in surrounding areas, provide a safe and effective bridge design, and present a cost-efficient solution for the project.

Twin City Distributors: Warehouse and Office Building

Aillet Fenner Jolly McClelland, Inc. is requesting the design of a warehouse and office/training building in Shreveport, Louisiana. This project will entail both structural and civil design work. The warehouse is to be 180 x 100 ft. with a sixty-ton overhead crane. It is expected to have ten overhead doors along one of the 180 ft .sides with a loading ramp in front of each, therefore, requiring the implementation of retaining walls. The warehouse will also contain a control room with a mezzanine above for heavy storage. The office space is expected to be a two-story 80 x 75 ft. building. The 80 ft. side of the office space will be directly adjacent to the 100 ft. wall of the warehouse, and both buildings will have mono-slope roofs. The group must also design a sufficient parking lot for the inflow and outflow of traffic into the office space as well as a driveway capable of withstanding heavy truck traffic. Drainage design for the project is then needed to ensure that the new buildings and roadways will not produce any new runoff into the surrounding properties. This includes designs for underground structures and/or detention areas that will hold rain.

East Hardy

The East Hardy Street Bridge is a steel truss bridge that spans 500 feet across the Leaf River between Hattiesburg and Petal, Mississippi. The scope of this project is the structural design for the replacement bridge. The design includes the bridge superstructure, piers, and pile foundations. Additionally, the bottom chord of the bridge must be above the 100-year flood elevation, and construction in the river channel is to be avoided because of an environmental constraint given by Forrest County, Mississippi. The roadway cross-section has been provided by the transportation team and is to be a two-lane road with dedicated bicycle lanes and pedestrian walkways. The design process follows the AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications, MS Standard Specifications, and MDOT Bridge Design Manual.