2024 COES Design and Research Conference

First-Year Projects Showcase

Large crowd in the Integrated Engineering and Science Building

Welcome to the Spring 2024 First-Year Projects Showcase. This event features projects from first-year engineering, computer science, and physics students.

All engineering students take the first-year engineering course sequence called Living with the Lab. Many of the products you see here are the culmination of a year-long, project-based learning experience where the Arduino microcontroller is used for sensing and control applications. Each student participant owns and maintains their own equipment, providing a mechanism for boosting hands-on learning for large numbers of students; our hope is that this project-based approach will make our students more competent, confident, and innovative. Through the course sequence, they gain skills and knowledge that enable them to design and build full-function working prototypes for a project of their choosing, which are featured at the First-year Projects Showcase.

All Computer Science and Cyber Engineering students participate in the Living with Cyber curriculum during their first year. This three-part course sequence uses a Raspberry Pi platform to expose the students to the pillars of computing: algorithms, Computer Programming, Computer Architecture, and Data Structures. Students are expected to identify a problem area they are passionate about and apply the hands-on nature of the curriculum to design and implement a solution to that problem that leverages the concepts taught and the hands-on nature of the curriculum.

First-year physics students will be featured at the Showcase for the first time. These students will be highlighting physics concepts through interactive demonstrations.

Feel free to browse the projects and demonstrations that our students have conceived, designed, and prototyped.


6:00 – 7:00 Open House – Visitors are invited to check out the projects
Visitors are asked to wait in the IESB Project-Based Learning Office lobby area (IESB 136) until 6:00 pm.

7:00 – 7:15 Presentation of awards

Physics Projects

What Happens Inside a Magnet?

Advisor: Dr. Markus Wobisch

The team will present a computer simulation of a microscopic view of what happens inside a magnet.

Using CGI for Physics

Advisor: Dr. Markus Wobisch

The team will present a computer simulation of the first step to creating CGI characters for physics studies and their rotations in space.