Cyber Storm: Attack, Defend, Adapt

Cyber Storm is an annual day-long cyber security competition held at Louisiana Tech University that serves as the final exam for a Computer Science and Cyber Engineering course and pits several teams of students in a fierce battle in cyberspace to test their skills in network defense and attack strategies.

Over the years, Cyber Storm has had various themes: Chuck Norris vs. Bruce Lee (2010), Sith vs. Jedi (2011), Anonymous vs. LulzSec (2012), Greek gods (2013), the Houses of Hogwarts (2014), superheroes (2015), video game characters (2016), constellations (2017) and virtues and vices (2018). Who knows what this year will feature.

We implement a custom infrastructure that supports Cyber Storm. In addition to hardware and network infrastructure, we continually design and implement a number of critical components that provide challenges and overall situational awareness during the competition. Some of what is featured during the competition includes:

  • Live scoring and messaging
  • Real-time visualization of the network
  • “King of the Hill” and “Capture the Flag” challenges
  • Cyber security related challenges (including SCADA)
  • Cryptography and steganography challenges
  • Wireless network access challenges
  • Cyber scavenger hunts
  • “Black Boxes” with unknown vulnerabilities

For more information, please contact Dr. Jean Gourd.