2021 Senior Projects Conference

Multidisciplinary Engineering

Room 126 Session: Join us on Zoom.

1:00 p.m.

Ethics Prosthetics

Team Name: Ethics Prosthetics

Team Members: Logan McCarthy, Denman McGinnis, Madalynn Warner

Advisors: Mr. Ryan Botts, Dr. Kelly Crittenden, Mrs. Debbie Inman

We are Ethics Prosthetics, and we are competing in the growing prosthetic and orthopedic market which, last year was a $5.9 billion value market. Our software and hardware for lower limb prosthetic devices are capable of learning individual walking patterns and grow with their recipient as well as provide sensory feedback to the user upon each step. Through the use of artificial intelligence and statistical analysis, we will be able to teach the prosthetic how to mirror their recipients’ organic counterparts through gait learning allowing for more natural movements. By also using vibration motors and pressure sensors, our prosthetics can also provide sensory feedback to the wearers as they take each step. Currently, we have a configuration design, and we are looking for potential funders to help us acquire the resources necessary to disrupt the prosthetic and orthotic market with our newly designed prosthetic software and hardware.

1:30 p.m.

Peryton Drone

Team Name: S & K Innovative Technologies

Team Members: Daniel Kumler, Cade Spikes

Advisor: Dr. Robert Sweitzer

This drone is designed for police and military use. It has the ability to both fly and drive on the ground.