Mission Statement

The MALT Industrial Assessment Center (MALT-IAC) performs free energy assessments for qualifying small and medium facilities in the Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas Piney Woods Region. The MALT-IAC performs these assessments for businesses within 150 miles of Louisiana Tech University, Grambling State University, or the University of Louisiana – Lafayette.

Members of the MALT-IAC will conduct on-site assessments and — within 60 days of the assessments — provide recommendations for:

  • Energy and Water Savings,
  • Wastewater Treatment and Management,
  • Smart Manufacturing/PHM,
  • Cybersecurity,
  • Predictive Maintenance,
  • Resiliency Planning, and
  • Decarbonization/Electrification.

In addition to the free energy assessments, the MALT-IAC will support undergraduate and graduate students, providing them with hands-on experience and professional training using energy assessment tools, technology, and techniques. Students who work with the MALT Center will learn industrial processes, energy assessment procedures, and energy management systems.