Department of Energy Resources


MEASUR: An open-source software that aids manufacturers in improving the efficiency of energy systems and equipment within a plant. It includes assessment tools for pumps, fans, process heating, steam systems, motors, and system parameter estimations and graphical analysis.

50001 Ready Navigator: An online guide to assist facilities in putting an energy management system in place and monitoring EnMS for best practices.

Energy Footprint: A tool for manufacturing facilities to track their energy consumption, factors related to energy use, and significant energy end-use.

Energy Performance Indicator: A regression analysis-based tool to help managers establish a normalized baseline of energy consumption, and track annual progress of intensity improvements, energy savings, and all EnPIs that account for variations due to weather, production, and other variables.

Plant Energy Profiler: A tool to help plant managers identify how energy is being purchased and consumed and find potential energy and cost savings.


Saving Energy: A QuickStart Guide for Small to Medium Manufacturers

Energy Efficiency Resources