Graduate Student Council President Aims For The Stars

Nearly three years into his Louisiana Tech education, Graduate Student Council President Mohammad Jabed Perves Bappy has built an impressive publication portfolio and a solid reputation for promoting engineering and science outreach and research.

A doctoral candidate in Tech’s Micro and Nanoscale Systems Engineering program and member of Dr. David Mills’ lab, Bappy has been at the forefront of developing cost-effective antibacterial nano agents for a filtration system that integrates seamlessly with high-grade industrial plastics, a pioneering effort supported by the NASA EPSCOR Rapid Response Research Program. This project aims to reduce the presence of disease-carrying microorganisms in space significantly, a crucial step towards ensuring the health and safety of astronauts in the potentially compromising environment of outer space.

His innovative approach has led to the creation of a ventilation system that traps harmful materials more efficiently than existing solutions, thanks to its highly absorbent material. This system represents a significant leap forward in making space travel safer and more viable.

Bappy’s vision for the technology extends beyond the space and into the office. He aims to adapt the technology to improve air quality in everyday settings. This ambition highlights his commitment to leveraging scientific breakthroughs for broad societal benefits.

While his work exemplifies the potential Tech students have to contribute to global scientific advancements, even before they’ve donned their graduation caps, his contributions to the College expand into outreach.

Bappy has been equally impactful as Graduate Student Council (GSC) president. His leadership philosophy is rooted in the conviction that the GSC plays a crucial role in enriching graduate students’ academic and professional lives.

Under his guidance, the GSC has launched new events and initiatives to enhance graduate students’ practical skills, such as academic writing and networking, while providing a supportive community for students from diverse backgrounds.

Jeinab Jabbari and Mohammad Bappy are adding nutrients to the plants and monitoring health, growth, and pest protection.

One of the events he’s most proud of is organizing faculty seminars. These seminars serve as platforms for faculty members to present their research to graduate students, fostering an environment of collaboration and intellectual exchange. These seminars not only connect students with potential mentors but also keep the academic community informed about the latest developments in various research fields.

I’m committed to leveraging the Graduate Student Council as a catalyst for fostering innovation and inclusivity within the Engineering and Science student community.

Together with the executive committee, I aim to build platforms that promote idea exchange, collaboration, and networking. We’re laying the groundwork for a community where every voice is heard and valued.

With the unwavering support and collaboration of the council’s members, I envision forging a legacy that profoundly impacts our university. A legacy that will be remembered for its dedication to fostering an environment where every graduate student has the opportunity to thrive and succeed.

Mohammad Bappy

Graduate Student Council, Louisiana Tech University

Bappy exemplifies Bulldog innovation, dedication, and commitment to making a positive impact at both a global and local level. His achievements inspire fellow students and researchers to pursue their passions and contribute to the betterment of the College of Engineering and Science, Louisiana Tech, and humanity as a whole.

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