Engineering (PhD)

The Ph.D. Engineering is an interdisciplinary degree with a strong research emphasis, preparing graduates for academic and industrial careers. The program prepares its graduates to respond to the needs and challenges of the ever-changing world and provide them the knowledge, skills, ethics, creativity and critical thinking skills necessary for professional competence and life-long learning.



Cyber Engineering

Learn to apply a fusion of computer science, electrical engineering and mathematics, along with the humanities, to handle political and social issues in cyberspace.

Ph.D. Engineering – Concentration in Cyberspace Curriculum


Engineering Education

Learn to teach future professional engineers.

Ph.D. Engineering – Concentration in Engineering Education Curriculum

Engineering Physics

Use the combined disciplines of physics, mathematics and engineering to apply, design and develop new solutions in engineering.

Ph.D. Engineering – Concentration in Physics Curriculum

Materials and Infrastructure Systems

Partake in one-of-a-kind research at the Louisiana Tech Trenchless Technology Center facility, discovering advanced technologies for urban infrastructure installation, inspection and rehabilitation.

Ph.D. Engineering – Concentration in Materials and Infrastructure Systems

Micro/Nanoscale Systems

Design, develop and characterize materials, devices and systems in the range of 1-100 nanometers, and integrate these devices and systems with macroscale devices and systems.

Ph.D. Engineering – Concentration in Micro and Nanosystems Curriculum