The Louisiana Tech University College of Engineering and Science offers an exciting environment and an integrated approach to education and research that allows students, faculty and staff to innovate within their fields. We consider the success of our students the primary standard for success and constantly evaluate our curricula to ensure that students have valuable workforce skills by graduation.


The College of Engineering and Science’s mission is to create the best dynamic and supportive educational environment that produces the highest caliber and most sought-after graduates in the region with interdisciplinary research and scholarship that has a transformative impact.


  • We pursue and maintain an interdisciplinary scholarship and research environment that enhances all parts of the academic mission.
  • We provide an exciting, challenging and supportive environment for all students, faculty and staff to attain their maximum potential.
  • We exhibit integrity, respect and dignity in every aspect of our conduct and instill that in our students.
  • We instill a spirit of pride, cooperation and accountability in all we do.

We invite you to visit our campus, tour our facilities and meet our faculty and students to explore opportunities and programs within the College of Engineering and Science.


For Louisiana Tech University to become a destination University for Engineering and Science education in the region and beyond due to its dynamic and supportive educational experience, exceptional graduates and impactful research.

College Organizational Chart

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COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND SCIENCE 2022-2023  DEAN Collin Wick - 2345 Melanie McHugh - 4648 (Adm. Asst. 5) Shafia Izhar - 2230 (Coordinator) DIRECTOR OF DEVELOPMENT Vacant - 4971 EXECUTIVE OFFICE MANAGER Sylvia Shultz - 4557 BUDGET MANAGER Angelia Wallace - 2598 TECHNICAL STAFF Charles Neil Rinehart - 2709 (Laboratory Technician) Robert Newberry - 2948 (Chemical Engineer in Residence) Brandy McKnight - 2072 (Communications Coordinator) Estevan Garcia - 4696 (Senior Media Graphics Specialist)  ASSOCIATE DEAN FOR UNDERGRADUATE STUDIES Heath Tims - 2842/3770  Jennifer Peckmore - 2408 (Admissions Specialist) Lauren Ward 2211 (Admissions Specialist) Charlotte Wilkerson - 4829 (Director of Student Success) Carly Spinazzola -3180 (Student Success Specialist) Alexis Cole -2260 (Student Success Specialist) Christie Edwards - 4761 (Transfer / Curriculum Coord.) Shiloh Taylor -2911 (Building, Events & Culture Coordinator) Alyssa Hughes -2320 / 2842 (Retention & Student Services Coordinator) ASSOCIATE DEAN FOR RESEARCH Collin Wick - 2345 TRENCHLESS TECHNOLOGY CENTER John Matthews - 2852 Fredda Wagner - 4072 (Office Manager) APPLIED PHYSICS STUDIES Dentcho Genov - 4190 Carla Offill - 4911 (Adm. Coord. 3) INSTITUTE FOR MICROMANUFACTURING Arden Moore - 5142 Lori Gaskin - 5102 (Adm. Asst. 4) CENTER FOR BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING AND REHABILITATION SCIENCE (CBERS) Vacant - 5232 Gina Palmer - 2430 (Adm. Coord. 4) INTEGRATED STEM EDUCATION RESEARCH CENTER Kelly Crittenton - 2714 Project-Based Learning Lab Will Long - 2157 Ashley Osborne 3423 Center for Cyberspace Vacant - 2833  INTERIM ASSOCIATE DEAN FOR GRADUATE STUDIES Daniela Mainardi - 5126 Stephany Thompson - 2136 (Coordinator of Retention and Recruitment) Diana Bryan - 2762 (Adm. Asst. 3) Ph.D. IN COMPUTATIONAL ANALYSIS AND MODELING Weizhong Dai - 3301 Ph.D. IN ENGINEERING Coordinators Ph.D. IN MOLECULAR SCIENCES AND NANOTECHNOLOGY Gergana Nestorova - 5230 Ph.D. IN BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING Steve Jones - 2288 M.S. PROGRAMS Coordinators NANOSYSTEMS ENGINEERING Sandra Zivanovic - 5145  DIRECTOR Lee Sawyer - 4053 Carla Offill - 4911 (Adm. Coord. 3) CHEMISTRY Richard Thurlkill - 2371 PHYSICS Pedro Derosa - 5139  DIRECTOR Leland Weiss - 5113 Chelsea Marshall - 2357 (Adm. Coord. 3) CIVIL ENGINEERING Elizabeth Matthews - 3350 CONSTRUCTION ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY Reginald Jeter - 2369 MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Kelly Crittenden - 2714 INTERIM DIRECTOR Teresa Murray - 5237 Gina Palmer 2430 (Admin. Coord. 4) Biomedical Engineering Louis Reis - 2954 Chemical Engineering Joan Lynam - 3124 INTERIM DIRECTOR Mike O’Neal-2931 Marsha Smith - 4921 (Adm. Asst. 3) COMPUTER SCIENCE Ankunda Kiremire - 2262 CYBER ENGINEERING Miguel Gates - 2147 ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Matt Hartmann - 2941 DIRECTOR Galen Turner-2161 Tonia Sharp - 2538 (Admin. Coord. 3) MATHEMATICS AND STATISTICS Jonathan Walters - 4051  INTERIM DIRECTOR Mary Caldorera-Moore - 2207 Ashley Osborne -2343 (Project-Based Learning) INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Jun-Ing Ker - 2963 INSTRUMENTATION AND CONTROL SYSTEMS ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY Will Long - 2157