Graduate Programs

We are delighted that you are considering a graduate education in one of the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) disciplines. The College of Engineering and Science offers several graduate degree opportunities. Many national studies have shown that an advanced degree in a STEM discipline is one of the best foundations for a bright future in a rapidly changing world. The College offers six master’s and four doctoral degrees, some with multiple concentrations.


Biomedical Engineering (PhD)

Molecular Science and Nanotechnology (PhD)

Engineering (MS)

Molecular Science and Nanotechnology (MSNT)

Computational Analysis and Modeling (PhD)

Applied Physics (MS)

Engineering and Technology Management (MS)

Online Degrees & Certifications

Engineering (PhD)

Computer Science (MS)

Mathematics (MS)

Funding College of Engineering and Science Graduate Students Received in 2016/2017

Millions of Dollars in College-Wide Funding

Millions of Dollars in College-Wide Out of State Tuition Waivers

Funding Opportunities for Graduate Students

Graduate Assistantships

More than 130 teaching, research, and graduate assistantships are awarded annually. Graduate and teaching assistantships are vital resources with the primary purpose being to support the teaching mission of the University, and to enhance research and graduate studies within the academic programs.

Every student who applies to a graduate program, within the College of Engineering and Science, is considered for an assistantship, but students are advised to submit a resume/CV with their application.


1. Students are eligible for Graduate Assistantship and Teaching Assistantship awards starting the first quarter of enrollment.
2. To be eligible for financial support during the first quarter of graduate enrollment, new graduate students should satisfy at least one of the following academic standings.
a) For M.S. level graduate assistantships, most graduate assistants received a score higher than 300 in the verbal and quantitative sections of the GRE.
b) For Ph.D. level teaching assistantships, most teaching assistants received a score higher than a 302 in the verbal and quantitative sections of the GRE.
c) Undergraduate GPA of at least 3.5.
3. Currently enrolled students who do not have assistantships would be considered for support as positions become available, provided their Louisiana Tech Graduate GPA is at least 3.25 on courses in their Plan of Study.

Vincent A. Forte Graduate School Scholarship

The Louisiana Engineering Foundation awards the Vincent A. Forte Graduate School Scholarships annually to students enrolled in a graduate program in engineering who expresses a sincere desire to enter the teaching profession at the University level upon completion of his/her graduate education. The award is named to honor Vincent A. Forte, P.E., a founder and first president of the Louisiana Engineering Foundation. Each year, the Associate Dean for Research & Graduate Studies solicits applications from eligible students and forwards them to the LEF.


1. A candidate shall be a full-time graduate student who is presently attending, or who is applying to enter, a graduate program in engineering at one of the recognized Colleges of Engineering in Louisiana, which has one or more ABET-accredited engineering programs.
2. A candidate shall be a resident of the State of Louisiana and a U.S. citizen.
3. Preference will be given to a candidate who has two or more semesters of academic work remaining before the completion of the engineering graduate degree program.
4. Applications will be available to all eligible College of Engineering and Science by Oct. 1.
5. Candidates shall file applications with their college deans by March 1.
6. By March 15, college deans shall submit final recommendations to:
Louisiana Engineering Foundation
P.O. Box 2683
Baton Rouge, LA 70821.
7. Fellowship announcement by the Louisiana Tech Engineering Foundation not later than May 31. Formal presentation of the Fellowship at an appropriate meeting.
8. Fellowship proceeds shall be deposited in the name of the recipient in the appropriate account at the selected graduate school no later than Aug 31. Failure to enroll as scheduled may cause cancellation of the award.

Mercedes-Benz Scholarship

The Mercedes-Benz Fellowship award is available annually to a graduate student specializing in the area of Engineering. The amount is determined by the earnings of the Mercedes-Benz Endowment.

Eligibility 1. Candidate must be a doctoral student whose research topic has relevance for Environmental Engineering. 2. Candidate must be in good academic standing.

Minority Doctoral Fellowship Program

These fellowships are available to qualified African-American doctoral students. The program was created to encourage and assist African-American students to pursue doctoral degrees and become college-level teachers. The ultimate goal is to increase the available pool of qualified minority applicants for college-level faculty positions. The Minority Doctoral Fellowship includes a cash stipend of $15,000 per year for a maximum of four years. Evaluation and selection are based upon the applicant’s academic record, a brief statement of professional intentions, and a personal interview. Strong preference will be given to Louisiana residents. Fellows are expected to devote full time to study and research. The award requires a commitment to teaching at least one academic year per year of scholarship support and provides support for up to a maximum of four years.

Additional Information on Financial Support

Louisiana Tech University
College of Engineering and Science
Graduate Studies Office
P.O. Box 10348
Ruston, LA 71272

or by email at:

Tithi Desai

Second Year Student: Ph.D. Engineering Micro and Nanoscale Systems “Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve wanted to be a scientist: I actually wanted to fly to the moon, but coming here was like landing on a star. In fact, I always wanted to work at NASA, and being here has given me the chance to work on a project for NASA. I can’t wait to visit one of the space stations to see the things I’ve researched thus far.”

Ali Alqahtani

Second Year Student: Ph.D. in Engineering Cyberspace “I attended Grambling State University for my bachelor’s degree, and afterward, I got my masters degree at South Arkansas University. Finally, I’m here at Louisiana Tech getting my PhD. in cyberspace engineering. I had been wanting to attend Louisiana Tech because of it’s good ratings and because of its doctoral program in cyberspace engineering, which is not offered in many U.S. universities.”

Hillary Husband

Second Year Student: Ph.D. in Molecular Science and Nanotechnology “I may not be able to cure cancer, but I could help reduce the side effects of treatment, which I think is one of the worst parts of having cancer…. My personal experience with cancer has enabled me to sympathize with others fighting cancer, and I don’t want other people to experience the hardship I dealt with–that is what motivates me. I realize being here is special, and I have a purpose.”

Debojit Sarker

Second Year Student: Ph.D. in Engineering Materials and Infrastructure Systems “Back in my home country, I was working a job I felt successful at, but I wanted to continue studying the field of geotechnical engineering…. I am really glad to be here in Ruston, where I can focus on my academic work and where there are people who want to help me succeed.”