Computational Analysis and Modeling (PhD)

Computational Analysis and Modeling is an interdisciplinary Ph.D. with participation from multiple colleges. The core curriculum consists of 15 credit hours of applied mathematics or statistics, 9 credit hours of computer science, and 9 credit hours of a third discipline.

Typical Tracks

  • High-Performance Computing, High Availability Computing
  • Cyberspace, Network Science, Information Assurance
  • Computation, Simulation, Modeling
  • Applied Statistics, Knowledge Discovery
  • Data Science
  • Computational Graph Theory or Applied Number Theory
  • STEM Education Modeling

Similar tracks can be developed in consultation with the Advisory Committee.



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Computational Analysis Modeling student working on lab computer


Advising Materials

For a list of prerequisites, required courses and suggested pathways, select the curriculum sheet below.
Computational Analysis and Modeling (Ph.D.) Curriculum Sheet