Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineers are problem solvers that touch every aspect of our lives. Chemical engineers from Louisiana Tech primarily go into petrochemical, chemical or pulp and paper industries but are prepared to go into a variety of career fields depending on their interests.

Chemical engineers also tend to be among the highest paid engineers. In addition, the starting salaries at graduation for chemical engineering graduates from Louisiana Tech University have been up to 19% higher than the national average for chemical engineers over the last decade.

The Louisiana Tech Chemical Engineering program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission (EAC) of ABET. To find out more information about the program mission, educational objectives, student outcomes and enrollment and graduation data, go to our Accreditation & Enrollment page.

Program Highlights


2017-2018 Graduates Who Completed Their Degree with Honors


2017-2018 Chemical Engineering Students with Full-Time Employment on Graduation

Average Salary of Louisiana Tech Chemical Engineering Graduates

  • Almost 50% of 2017-18 Louisiana Tech Chemical Engineering graduates completed their degree with honors.
  • At least 88% of 2017-18 Louisiana Tech Chemical Engineering graduates had full-time employment after graduation with an average starting salary of $73,800 a year.
  • During junior and senior year, you’ll get hands-on experience with equipment found in many plants through courses held in our Chemical Engineering Unit Operations Labs.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Will I Study?

Our unique Chemical Engineering program begins with the Living with the Lab hands-on experience that takes engineering beyond the books by utilizing a student-owned lab kit and much more! As you continue with our curriculum, you will experience a challenging but rewarding program that prepares students for a variety of exciting careers! Our dedicated faculty and small class sizes allow one-on-one interactions between faculty and students, so you can find the support you need to succeed in college…and in life!

What Types of Job Opportunities Will I Have?

A chemical engineer may work in a variety of subfields, including those listed below.

  • Design Engineers design new chemical plants and work on teams to design many other things.
  • Production Engineers operate the manufacturing plants by using their significant technical knowledge to manage the facility.
  • Environmental Engineers oversee systems to reduce emissions from plants, monitor the emissions from facilities, provide feedback to the management team and compile reports needed by government agencies.
  • Managers manage the operations at manufacturing plants and lead teams focused on various opportunities.
  • Biomedical Engineers apply engineering principles and design concepts to medicine and biology for healthcare purposes.
  • Pharmaceutical Engineers develop and manufacture products, processes and components in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Nuclear Engineers research and develop the processes, instruments and systems used to derive benefits from nuclear energy and radiation.
  • Project Managers have the responsibility of planning, procuring and executing projects.
  • Research Engineers seek improvements in theory and practice in fields such as fuels processing, bioengineering, pharmaceuticals, power systems, nanotechnology, construction materials, chemicals and much more.
  • Oil Production Engineers handle the daily management of oil and gas production and help to maximize profitability, design and select subsurface equipment for oil and gas wells.
  • Lawyers, Politicians and even Astronauts use chemical engineering skills!

How Can I Enhance My Degree?

There are various opportunities for you to participate in co-op or internship experiences. The Louisiana Tech University Career Center is available to help you find job opportunities.

Advising Materials

For the current catalog information, go to Chemical Engineering (BSCH). For a list of prerequisites and required courses, select the curriculum sheet below.

Chemical Engineering Curriculum Sheet

Contact Dr. Eric Sherer with questions about the program.


Michael Bullock '19

Why did you select Chemical Engineering?

I selected Chemical Engineering because I enjoy math, science, and challenging myself. While all engineering at Louisiana Tech is challenging, chemical engineering is arguably the most interesting and unique field with the most diverse applications. We cover traditional and renewable energies, paper, electronics and everything in between.

What has your experience at Louisiana Tech been like?

Louisiana Tech’s Chemical Engineering program has been challenging, but fun, engaging and full of opportunities to develop leadership skills. We have great professors who want to help you grow and succeed as a well-rounded, practical engineer. It is a lot like being part of a family.

How has your experience at Louisiana Tech opened up opportunities for you?

Louisiana Tech has allowed me to serve in diverse groups and form friendships with other engineers. Having the honor of serving on the Chemical Engineering Advisory Board has put me in touch with alumni who are well-established in their careers, providing useful opportunities and connections.

Cassie Oliver '19

Why did you select Chemical Engineering?

I really enjoyed chemistry in high school and actually applied to Louisiana Tech as a chemistry major. I also really liked math and mentioned that I was somewhat interested in engineering when I came and toured Louisiana Tech. They ended up getting me a tour of the engineering building and giving me the information about the Engineering 120 series. Ever since then, I have loved engineering and the chemistry part has just been an added bonus.

How has your experience at Louisiana Tech opened up opportunities for you?

Louisiana Tech has an excellent career fair twice a year. It is how I ended up with my first internship the summer after my sophomore year, which led to a full-time job with that same company. The chemical engineering department also does a wonderful job preparing its students for the career fair, going through resume and other tips to make us as successful as possible.

How has Louisiana Tech prepared you for industry and the workforce?

Louisiana Tech has done an excellent job with preparing me for life after college. I have been to Career Services who have helped me build an excellent resume. I have attended an etiquette dinner to learn the ins and outs of eating at a formal restaurant. I have also been through interview training to be able to answer questions clearly and concisely.


Jessie M. DePriest ’09

Dow Chemical, Texas Hydrocarbons Site Integration Specialist and Feedstocks Planner

Why did you select Chemical Engineering? I’d done well and enjoyed both Chemistry and Math classes in high school, but I thought majoring in either subject in college would be too boring or take me down a career path I didn’t want. Engineering sounded like a nice mixture of the two and chemical engineering was the only engineering discipline that sounded interesting.

What was your experience at Louisiana Tech like? The Chemical Engineering program gave me an immersive experience in what it was like to work in industry, although it took me years of working in the industry to fully appreciate what we were taught and how.

How has Louisiana Tech prepared you for industry and the workforce? The chemical engineering curriculum gave me a good foundation in working in teams, process safety, and practical application of chemical engineering concepts. I’ve worked with many graduates of prestigious engineering programs who did not receive such an education in their undergraduate studies.

John Elmore ’07

Shell, Process Safety Manager

Why did you select Chemical Engineering? I was actually a Mechanical Engineering major in my first quarter, but my dad (who is a ChemE) convinced me to switch in the fall of 2003. I’ve never regretted the change!

What was your experience at Louisiana Tech like? I loved (and still love) the Tech community. I had a real connection with not only my friends and classmates but also my professors; I’ll never forget some of the good times working on robotics with Dr. David Hall, playing guitar with Dr. Jim Nelson, or the tough but invaluable classes from Dr. Jim Palmer.

How has Louisiana Tech prepared you for industry and the workforce? Most importantly my Tech education was practical. I was taught how to think critically, approach problems, and care about developing myself and my skills. The team experiences and presentation practice I had couldn’t be replaced in getting me ready for my 12 years and counting in the petrochemical industry.

How has your experience at Louisiana Tech opened up opportunities for you? My Tech degree is competitive with any other engineering degrees I’ve worked with. A critical part of my Tech experience was working with people – in industry you never work on problems in a vacuum, so learning how to interact productively with others from different backgrounds and clearly articulate through writing and presenting has made all the difference in my career.

Joel Mertens ’86

International Paper at Campti, Louisiana, Fiberline Manufacturing Excellence Leader

Why did you select Chemical Engineering?  I always enjoyed math and science. Also, I wanted to make sure I had a career where I could provide for my family, and my wife wouldn’t have to work unless she wanted to. Chemical Engineering gave me all of that and much more!

What was your experience at Louisiana Tech like? My time at Louisiana Tech was great!  I learned a lot, made a lot of friends, and had a lot of fun.

How has Louisiana Tech prepared you for industry and the workforce? LouisianaTech prepared me well technically for my jobs in industry.  The biggest thing Louisiana Tech taught me was how to think and how to solve problems. 

How has your experience at Louisiana Tech opened up opportunities for you? I wouldn’t have had any of the job opportunities in my career without the education and degree that I received from Louisiana Tech.