Chemical Engineering

Program Highlights

Chemical engineers are problem solvers. They are involved in the production of cutting-edge computer chips, environmental solutions, disease prevention and all aspects of energy innovations. Chemical engineers are responsible for producing the materials that improve every aspect of our lives.

Our chemical engineering students start off with hands-on, interactive activities in the College of Engineering and Science Living with the Lab program. Chemical engineering courses will start during their sophomore year. Students will take calculus, physics, and chemistry as they continue working on chemical engineering and general education courses. Louisiana Tech chemical engineers look forward to rewarding careers at many companies upon graduation.

Chemical engineering graduates from Louisiana Tech primarily go into petrochemical, chemical, or pulp and paper, but are prepared to go into any industry they are interested in. Chemical engineers also tend to be among the highest paid engineers. In addition, salaries for chemical engineers with a degree from Louisiana Tech University were 11% higher than the national average for chemical engineers in 2015.

Job Opportunities

  • Chemical engineer
  • Computer chip manufacturing
  • Energy engineer
  • Energy production
  • Nuclear engineer
  • Petroleum engineer
  • Product/process development scientist
  • Waste management


Advising Materials

For a list of prerequisites and required courses, select the curriculum sheet below.

Chemical Engineering Curriculum Sheet