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The College of Engineering and Science offers both on-campus and off-campus options for distance learners. These options provide students, business, industry, and employers access to academic and professional development opportunities. Two degrees and two academic certifications can be completed entirely online. Students can earn a Master of Science in Engineering Technology Management or Engineering with a concentration in Industrial Engineering online as well as both Green Belt and Black Belt Professional Certification.

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Six Sigma Green Belt


Students are required to take the following courses and earn a grade of ‘B’ or higher in each of these courses to complete the requirements of the Six Sigma Green Belt Certification.

Take both of the following courses:

  • INEN 514: Statistical Analysis for Six Sigma and
  • INEN 566: Six Sigma and Quality Control.

Total: 6 SCH of coursework.

More Information

The cost to take the two required courses is $1,365 per course for a total of $2,730 to complete the Six Sigma Green Belt certification.

Acquiring a greenbelt certificate not only enhances a professional skill set but also improves an individuals’ marketability for obtaining competitive positions with successful organizations and companies. According to Villanova University, “while trained and certified in Six Sigma methodology, a Green belt does not usually practice the methodology full time.” Green Belts can spend up to half of their work time on Six Sigma projects and function as support for Black Belts. They will “use graphs to show process improvement…, create a communication plan to convey accurate information about the project to leadership and other stakeholders, and promote data-driven solutions.”

According to Go Lean Six Sigma, “the national average salary for a Certified Green Belt in 2016 is $83,000 per year in the United States.” states that average Six Sigma Green Belt salaries for job postings nationwide are 42% higher than average salaries for all job postings nationwide. Some examples of jobs are Lean Continuous Improvement Leader, Lean Process Improvement Engineer, Supplier Quality Engineer Senior, Lean Manufacturing Facilitator, etc.

For more information, contact Beth Hegab.