Biomedical Engineering

Program Highlights

As an interdisciplinary field, biomedical engineering sees students from many backgrounds, from mechanical engineering to medicine. This program produces graduates qualified for engineering and/or management positions or continuing study at the graduate/professional level. Biomedical engineering provides excellent educational environment, well-qualified and dedicated faculty and staff, excellent facilities and a high level of faculty-student interaction. The Biomedical Engineering Center is physically adjoined to the Institute for Micromanufacturing, a modern micromechanical miniaturization design and manufacturing facility that complements the activities conducted in the Biomedical Engineering Center. Research activities include nanoscience, cellular modeling, biotransport, phenomena, neuroscience, neural engineering, rehabilitation engineering, biomaterials engineering, tissue engineering, biomicro/nanodevices and systems, and drug delivery.

Job Opportunities

  • Medical devices
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Biotechnology industry
  • Government agencies
  • Medical, law, veterinary school