Outreach and Seminars

The College of Engineering and Science promotes outreach both to the community at large and to industrial partners throughout the area.

Industrial Partners

Industrial Partners develop relationships with faculty and students while providing resources to meet critical needs in the College of Engineering and Science.  Industrial Partner gifts not only enhance academic programs but also support specific scholarships, student organizations and competitions, and student events such as football tailgates, Gumbo Fest and Spring Release. Maintaining partnerships with industry helps ensure that the College continues to produce graduates that are able to meet current and future industry needs.

STEM Outreach

Students, faculty, staff, and organizations throughout the College maintain a connection with the Louisiana Tech and Ruston communities through STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) outreach. Much of this outreach is designed to educate children and teachers about the need for and accessibility of STEM skills.

Science Seminars

The Physics program promotes special interest topics in science and engineering through a weekly Science Seminar series, which includes talks on topics as far-ranging as hobby sciences like photography and astronomy, medicine, math, chemistry, science history, engineering, and physics. Members of the scientific community, including Louisiana Tech students, faculty, and alumni, and other experts from around the world, provide attendees with overviews of their work and answer their questions. Attendees also have the opportunity to mingle over cookies and coffee before each seminar. The Science Seminars are held on select Thursdays throughout the fall, winter, and spring quarters and are free and open to the public.


Louisiana Tech’s UTeachTech program provides students in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) majors an avenue to earn a teaching degree along with a bachelor’s degree in their STEM major. Students in the UTeachTech program receive a bachelor’s degree in any STEM content area (including Computer Science) along with a UTeachTech minor that can be applied to a teaching certification in Secondary Mathematics or Science (Biology, Chemistry, or Physics). Students who complete the program can go directly into a STEM profession, teaching, or graduate school.