June 3-5, 2022

Ruston, Louisiana

35th Annual ASCE Concrete Canoe Competition Society-Wide Finals

Event Coordinators

Conference Coordinator: Katya Opel | 985-778-4717

Faculty Coordinator: Dr. Elizabeth Matthews

Fundraising Coordinator: Jacob Hampton

Marketing Coordinator: Brianna Murray

Accommodations Coordinator: Jeffree Chapa

Concrete Canoe Coordinator: Noah Savoie

Venues and Volunteer Coordinator: Trevor Fortier

Banquet Coordinator: Macy Thibodeaux and Mallory Mankins

Our ASCE Officers

ASCE Shreveport Branch President: Luke Haney

Louisiana Tech ASCE President: Mallory Mankins

Louisiana Tech ASCE Vice President: Noah Savoie

Louisiana Tech ASCE Secretary: Jacob Hampton

Louisiana Tech ASCE Treasurer: Rose Emery

Louisiana Tech ASCE Concrete Canoe Captain: Eddie Landry

Louisiana Tech ASCE Steel Bridge Captain: Reed Edwards

Mailing Addresses

Mailing Address Louisiana Tech ASCE
  PO Box 10348
  Ruston, LA 71272
Delivery Address (For Canoes)  
  Ruston, LA 71272