June 3-5, 2022

Ruston, Louisiana

35th Annual ASCE Concrete Canoe Competition Society-Wide Finals


Can I dispose of my canoe on Louisiana Tech’s campus?

Please contact me if you intend on leaving your canoe in Ruston or want to dispose of the canoe here.

Is there a possibility of early arrival on campus?

Yes! If you contact us in advance we will prepare for your early arrival and coordinate access to the on-campus housing offerings.

Can faculty advisors be in different quarters than students?

Yes, when your school registers you will be given specific housing assignments where your advisors will receive their own accommodations.

Is anything prohibited in the residence halls?

Yes. Alcohol, drugs, smoking, open flame sources, and pets, among other things are prohibited in the on-campus housing options.  For more information visit this link: https://www.latech.edu/life-on-campus/residential-life/faq/.

What wildlife can I expect at the race site?

Lincoln Parish Park is home to many families of ducks, geese, squirrels, and bass.

Is anything prohibited in the park?

Yes, the following items are prohibited in the park:

-Alcoholic beverages,

-Disposal of refuse, garbage, trash, etc. outside of designated disposal bins,

-Draining or dumping waste of any kind, except in the receptacles provided for such use,

-Pets being off of a leash or on a leash longer than six feet,

-Pets on swimming beaches or inside any buildings, and

-Driving over the speed limit.

How do we ship our canoe?

Shipping the canoe will be much like anyone else shipping a package to us. You will address it to us in a specific way (see below) and make sure your carrier has some instructions (we would prefer if it could be delivered with a flatbed or truck with a lift-gate, no package over 2000lbs), and then you will work with me to pick it up when you get here. We will handle it on arrival and take it to the storage location. Once you get here, you can come to unpack it and sign for it… after that, it’s mostly on you to get it to where it needs to go. Some teams rent a truck locally and ship their canoes on a movable platform. We will of course try and help as much as possible but will not be able to help everyone at the same time.

If someone from your university wants to arrive a few days before and unpack the boat (we can work out early arrivals) so that it’s mostly ready when the rest of the team arrives we can talk about that too.

What is the shipping address?

600 Dan Reneau Drive

Attn: Neil Rinehart

Ruston, LA 71272

Is there a registration cap?

 Yes, there is a registration cap set by the ASCE. If extra visitors would like to attend, hotels are suggested on this website, however, they will not be eligible for meal tickets or attendance at the banquet.

  • Concrete Canoe: 10 Registered Participants
  • Surveying: 5 Registered Participants
  • Sustainable Solutions: 6 Registered Participants
In what format do I need my digital presentation?

In preparation for potential technical difficulties, please bring your own laptop with the presentation file, email the presentation to asce.louisianatech@gmail.com, AND bring the file on a flash drive. 

Can I get an Uber or Lyft in Ruston?

Unfortunately, Ruston does not have any rideshare programs. We do, however, have taxis and rental car locations. If you need any travel assistance for the duration of the event please reach out to us so we can get some accommodations set up for you.