2022 Design and Research Conference

Welcome to the 2022 College of Engineering and Science Design and Research Conference

I’m excited to welcome you to the inaugural Louisiana Tech University College of Engineering and Science (COES) Design and Research Conference.

The conference combines the College’s Freshman Design Expo, Living with Cyber Expo, and Senior Projects Conference into a single two-day event, filled with exhibits and presentations by our first-year engineering and computer science students and seniors from all fourteen COES majors.

On both days, you’ll have the opportunity to see how your support has shaped our freshmen and seniors’ educational experiences. During the conference, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about the innovative solutions our undergraduates have developed for a variety of problems, watch them demonstrate prototypes, and hear how they addressed problems in their research fields.

Many of the first-year projects are fun prototypes that fill a niche need in the marketplace, while many of the senior projects will have an immediate impact on local and regional economies providing industrial and government sponsors with time and money-saving processes. Other projects from both our first-year students and our seniors will have lasting impacts on the medical field; still others improve on technology and research in cyber security, computing, and the sciences.

Your attendance helps us provide our students with a forum to exhibit skills that they have learned at Louisiana Tech. I invite you to engage with the students during and after their presentations. I’m excited for you to see what happens when tradition meets innovation.

Hisham Hegab, Ph.D.

Dean, College of Engineering and Science,

Max Watson, Sr., Professor

Directory of First-Year Presentations

Project Demonstrations IESB Rotunda (All three floors)
Project Demonstrations IESB 108

Directory of Senior Presentations

Opening Remarks IESB Rotunda
Biomedical Engineering IESB 224
Chemical Engineering IESB 212, 214
Chemistry IESB 318
Civil Engineering IESB 124
Computer Science IESB 216, 218
Construction Engineering Technology IESB 220, 222
Cyber Engineering IESB 226
Electrical Engineering IESB 210, 228
Industrial Engineering IESB 110
Instrumentation & Control Systems Engineering Technology IESB 105
Mathematics & Statistics IESB 302
Mechanical Engineering IESB 112, 114, 122
Multidisciplinary Engineering IESB 126
Nanosystems Engineering IESB 126
Physics IESB 308