2022 Design and Research Conference

Computer Science

Room 216.

1:00 p.m.

Shopping with Less Effort

Team Name: 404 Team Not Found

Team Members: David Amort, Amani Cheatham, Joseph Reardon, Caleb Richardson

Advisor: Dr. Kevin Cherry

SWLE is a shopping list application that allows users to add tasks and items to a list. They can search for items by the store of their choosing within a given radius. Items can be compared by price or by the closest stores to them. They can add quantities and remove items. Tasks, which will be a different tab than items, will show the allotted tasks for their list. They can check off their task, add more tasks, and remove a task from the list. Stores can be searched using the user’s current location and retrieving the stores closest to them.

1:30 p.m.


Team Name: Bug Busters

Team Members: Daylon Bozeman, Varat Chaichamnarn, Timothy Ditto, Andres Torres, Luke Webb

Advisor: Dr. Kevin Cherry

TravelSite provides the most up-to-date analytical data as it pertains to crime, both violent and domestic, as well as recent Covid-19 cases in selected geographical areas within the United States. This is made possible due to a direct tie with the Federal Bureau of Investigation application programming interface and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention raw data to ensure that our data remains up-to-date. This proves useful in any frequent traveling scenario: travel agencies, traveling professionals, etc. TravelSite allows users to search by country, state, or city and provides a visually appealing, comprehendible representation of the pertinent data readily available for print or saving.

2:00 p.m.


Team Name: To Be Determined

Team Members: Christopher Johnson, Jeremy Kearney, Timothy Oliver, Ante Zovko

Advisor: Dr. Mike O’Neal

The Vault is a home security platform that uses advanced machine learning artificial intelligence, cloud computing technology, and modern biometric solutions to deliver a product that gives peace of mind, both at home and in cyberspace. What sets the Vault apart from other home security systems is its ability to differentiate friends and loved ones from strangers attempting to enter your home and how it puts your privacy first. In addition, the Vault uses a standalone Android app that can connect remotely to your camera and lock at any time from anywhere, giving you convenient house surveillance and control over the locks to your home.

2:30 p.m.

Course Scheduler

Team Name: Team Michael

Team Members: Dakota Hollis, Broady Rivet, Zoe Semifero

Advisor: Dr. Kevin Cherry

This website will allow the students to decide between suggested schedules for their registration needs instead of having to decide on what to take or worry if they skimmed over the curriculum sheet and missed a class they needed. The student will input their login information or sign up to create a new account, and view their homepage with their account settings placed upon account creation. After successfully logging in, students will be able to view several suggested schedules. These classes are algorithmically chosen to not overlap or cause issues based on when the classes are offered each semester. Additionally, users will be able to rate their previous courses based on their workload difficulty. While this won’t benefit them directly, future students taking that specific course will be able to clearly understand how difficult it is in order to avoid overloading their schedule. For ease of access, special dates including registration times, dates, holiday breaks, and major campus events will be shown to allow students to easily see important information without having to navigate between different websites. The overall goal of the website is to aid students in the registration process.

3:00 p.m.


Team Name: Colon Three

Team Members: Alex Davis, Christian Henry, Sadiat Ibrahim, Jennifer Jung, Christoper Tullier

Sponsor: Dr. Pradeep Chowriappa

Advisor: Dr. Kevin Cherry

ForuMapp is an application that is geared toward assisting the student body through navigation and social media services. Students will have access to a more precise location while walking through Louisiana Tech buildings. This will ensure that students have an exact idea of how to navigate to a specific classroom and become familiar with the services located in each building. During the demo, we plan to provide a proof of concept using Nethken Hall. Students will also be able to access a forum designed for Louisiana Tech’s campus. The goal of this forum is to create a centralized means of communication for the student body.

Room 218.

1:00 p.m.

Seizure Technical Response App (STRapp)

Team Name: Murcs++

Team Members: William Chisholm, Parsa Jahanlou, Jordan Lewis, John Mascagni, Cody Woessner

Advisors: Dr. Michael O’Neal and Kyle Prather

Seizure Technical Response app, STRapp, is a user-friendly Android application that connects to a custom-built wristband via Bluetooth. It allows individuals with epilepsy and other seizure disorders to alert their emergency contacts automatically when a seizure has been detected based on data received from the wristband. The wristband currently includes three sensors: electrodermal activity, accelerometer, and heart rate. Seizure detection is implemented on a backend server that processes data recordings using data mining algorithms. Once a seizure has been detected, a help request is sent from the STRapp. Help requests can also be sent manually if immediate help is needed or if help might be needed soon. If the duration of a seizure is longer than a user-determined time, then emergency services are automatically contacted. Seizures can also be recorded automatically or manually by the user. This allows the user to export the data and forward it to their medical professional. Moreover, the user can view their vitals in real-time. By knowing this information, the individual has the ability to verify their suspicions regarding a likely seizure. STRapp aims to provide peace of mind to individuals who suffer from seizure disorders.

1:30 p.m.


Team Name: A New Dawn is Daying

Team Members: Colby Boyd, Luke Jobe, Cameron Mitchell, Kyler Parker, Dawson Wunstell

Advisors: Dr. Michael O’Neal and Kyle Prather

By working as an integrated navigation and messaging application, Caravan allows users to make plans that can remain in flux, but up-to-date, among a large group of individual cars traveling together. At its core, ‘Caravan’ is a maps app that can be used to provide directions for a singular user but primarily simplifies multi-way communication across distinct cars. The app uses Google Maps to search locations and determine the most efficient routes as well as send that information to other group members. Users can employ these functions to coordinate plans for the group by utilizing integrated messaging and route planning. The marriage of maps and messages helps ease cross-car communication and planning. Caravan’s primary features help groups collaborate on destination plans, whether they are in the same vehicle or different vehicles. Users are able to suggest stops for the group to vote on. In the event that a user needs to stop for gas or go to the bathroom, they are able to send out a notification to the rest of the convoy. Location information is synced across all devices with the app downloaded within the caravan to ensure all members are up-to-date on changes. Caravan simplifies the road trip-taking experience by consolidating useful functionality across various phones.

2:00 p.m.

Study Buddy

Team Name: Null Pointer Exception

Team Members: James Brooks, Brian Mulhair, Than Nguyen, Devin Wilber

Advisors: Dr. Michael O’Neal and Kyle Prather

Study Buddy is a mobile-accessible web app developed with the goal of helping students create, join, and find study groups. Our primary target audience includes newer students who may be unfamiliar with campus and the availability of its individual classrooms, students who struggle with social anxiety, and experienced students who are looking to study with classmates studying similar material. Students will login into Study Buddy with an email they register with the website. From there, they can edit their profile to include their classes and preferred name. Once this is done, they can navigate to the list of study groups page that shows where all registered study groups are being held, as well as start their own. Study groups show what class they are studying, where they are, how long they’re being held for, and who is in them. The study group will have a private chat as well, in which they can communicate and share files or problems they are working on. Ultimately, Study Buddy’s purpose is to help students collaborate and organize meetings for studying classes.

2:30 p.m.


Team Name: Room Adventure Reloaded Reloaded

Team Members: Jimmie Gann, Garrett Gresham, Thomas Schwartzenburg, Trinh Vo

Advisors: Dr. Michael O’Neal and Kyle Prather

Itin is your one-stop application for all your trip planning needs. Itin allows you to collaborate in real-time with friends and family to create an itinerary for any vacation you can imagine. This Android application allows you to sign in with a Google account so that your trip information will be saved, even if you are signed into multiple Android devices. The features for planning an individual trip are robust and specific, allowing you to plan your trip day-by-day and hour-by-hour, with as much detail as you want. Better yet, your trip is visible and editable for all participants. Itin is also highly-customizable, allowing you to change your profile’s username, phone number, and picture, as well as toggle between light and dark mode. Lastly, each user has their own friends list, composed of all their close friends who also use Itin, so that they have quick and easy access to adding their friends to their trips. Itin: “Let’s Travel Together!”

3:00 p.m.


Team Name: Wheat Harvesters

Team Members: Hannah Folkertsma, Tyler Lane, Jason Marxsen, Hayley Owens, Ashley Palmer, David Redmann

Advisors: Dr. Michael O’Neal and Kyle Prather

HearRing is an iOS and WatchOS application designed for deaf and hard-of-hearing users. In a world where the only indicator of an emergency or dangerous situation might be sound, this app aims to alert deaf users of loud noises. The watch vibrates when certain decibel thresholds are met, which can be adjusted by the user. HearRing also includes a speech-to-text element. With the increased mask-wearing due to the pandemic, lip-reading becomes almost impossible. Speech-to-text breaks down that barrier and allows deaf or hard-of-hearing people to communicate with a person who does not understand ASL (American Sign Language). Combined with vibrating alarm features and personalized settings, the HearRing application will help hard-of-hearing people communicate and stay safe. Whether it be walking down a busy street, paying attention to noises at night, or realizing when you’re being spoken to, HearRing’s goal is to make the lives of deaf and hard-of-hearing users easier and more convenient.