2022 Design and Research Conference

Industrial Engineering

Room 110.

1:00 p.m.

Prolec/GE Relayout

Team Members: Weston Garrett, Philip Morvant, Kambell Rabalais

Sponsor: Prolec/GE Shreveport

Advisor: Dr. Jun-Ing Ker

Prolec/GE is currently looking to relayout its Shreveport, Louisiana, facility in order to free up more space. The cost of redesigning a manufacturing facility is very high and has a better chance of gaining approval if a simulation study is conducted prior to the actual design process. A fully functional simulation model could identify the change in efficiency, potential savings, and potential bottlenecks. Our goal is to develop a fully functional Arena simulation model that proves the superiority of the new layout over the current layout.

1:30 p.m.

SeaArk Boats Finish Welding Area Analysis

Team Members: Brandan Brown, Logan Gilbert, Jonathan Konnovitch

Sponsor: SeaArk Boats

Advisor: Dr. Jun-Ing Ker

SeaArk Boats is a boat manufacturing facility based in Monticello, Arkansas. Within the process, the finish welding area is bogged down by a great deal of overprocessing, overproduction, and excess motion. This unnecessarily increases the cycle time to manufacture each boat. Currently, the facility is capable of producing six boats per day. SeaArk has set up a goal to double its production capacity to 12 boats per day by 2025. To help achieve this goal, our team will examine the current welding area and identify areas for improvement. Tasks to be performed will include finding ways to better organize workstations, minimize workers’ movement, and reduce tool and materials search times.

2:00 p.m.

Precision Platform Solutions

Team Members: Ricardo Auerbach, Symone Jackson

Sponsor: Precision Platform Solutions

Advisor: Dr. Jun-Ing Ker

Precision Procurement Solutions provides federal and state contract acquisition and compliance, risk management, cyber-defense federal acquisition regulation supplement, Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC), and rapid acquisition consulting for enterprise-level, dual-use solutions for warfighters and subject matter experts in defense and critical infrastructure sectors. The contract team executes the areas of acquisition, contract management, information assurance, and compliance, allowing small businesses, corporate businesses, or higher education teams to focus on their solution within their existing business model while allowing them to be profitable. Our team will focus on improving the process of partnering with a client company and working toward achieving CMMC Level 2. We will be implementing industrial engineering principles to reduce costs and time required to meet CMMC Level 2, as well as improve both client and employee satisfaction in the workflow process by removing non-value-added activities and delays.