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Are You a Problem Solver?
Why Do We Need A New Building?
Are You a Problem Solver?Why Do We Need A New Building?

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College Events

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    Student Calendar


    Sept. 28

    Gumbo Fest Shirts on Sale

    UG Office, Bogard Hall

  • Sept 27
    10 a.m.

    TTC Seminar

    Wyly Tower Auditorium

  • Sept 28
    6 p.m.

    Gumbo Fest

    Argent Pavillion

  • Sept 29
    10 a.m.

    Fall Career Day

    Student Center (TONK)

  • Sept 29
    3:30 p.m.

    Science Seminar

    Carson-Taylor Hall 322

  • Oct 1
    All Day

    Industry Day 2016

    Shreveport, LA