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Welcome to the Louisiana Tech Chemistry program web page. Chemistry students and faculty primarily use facilities in Carson-Taylor Hall and at the Institute for Micromanufacturing on the main campus.

Chemistry faculty members specialize in the following disciplines: analytical chemistry (one), biochemistry (two), inorganic chemistry (three), organic chemistry (two), and physical chemistry (two).

The B.S. in Chemistry degree provides a number of career options, including attending medical, dental, pharmacy, and veterinarian school, pursuing graduate study in chemistry, working in industrial and government laboratories, and teaching in secondary schools. An undergraduate chemistry major takes one of two tracks: a traditional Chemistry track or an alternative Biochemistry track that also serves Pre-Med/Pre-Dent/Pre-Vet/Pre-Pharm students. Both tracks are ACS certified. During the junior year, students in the traditional track take more mathematics and upper division chemistry courses. Students in the Biochemistry track supplement their core chemistry courses with biological sciences, biochemistry, cell biology, genetics, and comparative anatomy, which also prepare them for the MCAT and DAT exams.

Graduate chemistry students can earn an M.S. or Ph. D. in the interdisciplinary Molecular Sciences and Nanotechnology programs or a Ph.D. in the interdisciplinary Computational Analysis and Modeling program.

Chemistry program faculty members work very closely with students in the classroom, and in teaching and research laboratories. A significant number of chemistry majors participate in research with faculty members, with some students starting in their sophomore year. If you want to know more about Chemistry program faculty, please check the web pages of our faculty members.

Please consider visiting and learning more about Louisiana Tech University and its Chemistry program. Scholarships and other financial aid are available to qualified students interested in majoring in Chemistry. Information about the program and financial aid can be obtained by contacting the Chemistry program at (318) 257-4911 or by contacting Dr. Cox by e-mail at mbcox@latech.edu.