Cyber Storm: Attack, Defend, Adapt

Cyber Storm 2015 was held in The Student Center (The Tonk) on Friday, May 15 from 9am to 5pm.

Cyber Storm is an annual day-long cyber security competition held at Louisiana Tech University that serves as the final exam for a Computer Science and Cyber Engineering course and pits several teams of students in a fierce battle in cyberspace to test their skills in network defense and attack strategies.

Cyber Storm 2015's theme was "superheroes." There were five teams: Blue Beetle, Cyborg, Forge, Red Tornado, and Vision. The administrative team was Dr. Manhattan. Other "black-ops" and challenge teams were: The Dark Knight and Ultron. In past years, we have had various themes: Chuck Norris vs. Bruce Lee (2010), Sith vs. Jedi (2011), Anonymous vs. LulzSec (2012), Greek gods (2013), and the Houses of Hogwarts (2014).

Students participating in Cyber Storm

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As in previous years, we implemented custom infrastructure that supported the 2015 Cyber Storm. In addition to hardware and network infrastructure, we further designed and implemented a number of critical components that provided challenges and overall situational awareness during the competition. Some of what were featured during the competition includes:

Cyber Storm 2016 has been scheduled for May 5, 2016. More information will be upadated soon.

For more information, please contact Dr. Jean Gourd.