About the Program

Louisiana Tech's Cyber Engineering Program (CYEN) is a four-year undergraduate degree that is best described as the marriage of Computer Science (CS) and Electrical Engineering (EE) applied to the cyberspace domain. Bringing in the foundations of CS and EE with liberal arts support that engages Cyber Engineers in the political and social issues presenting themselves in cyberspace, students will not only have technical knowledge but an understanding of associated security concerns, social and political impacts, and ethical consequences.

Cyber Engineering Curriculum builds upon our Integrated Engineering Curriculum and the Living with the Lab experience.

The CYEN program is designed to prepare students to embark on a wide variety of opportunities in cyber related fields and consists of a series of cyber courses that are part of its core. These courses are designed to motivate the application of theoretical concepts learned in other courses and to promote discovery of the underpinnings of EE and CS. Combining intense coursework and open-ended problems, the projects-based cyber courses provide students with an immersion in Cyber Engineering. You can find out more by checking out our curriculum.

The overall objectives of the CYEN program are:

  1. To foster original thinkers, problem solvers, and technical leaders prepared to effectively tackle new and unfamiliar problems; and
  2. To meet an increasing demand from industry and government to prepare students to be technical leaders in Cyber Engineering.

The CYEN curriculum is leveraged by two unique features in the engineering programs at LA Tech:

  1. The Integrated Engineering Curriculum provides freshman and sophomore engineering majors with team-based, hands-on, active learning while integrating fundamental math, science, and engineering topics; and
  2. Living with the Lab integrates engineering, mathematics, chemistry, and physics in a systems-level, project-based curriculum. Projects incorporate design, fabrication, and troubleshooting to help students develop open-ended problem solving abilities and self-reliance.

Who hires Cyber Engineers?
This is a great question that is asked a lot. Organizations in industry, government, military, and academia that have any cyberspace presence (which is just about every one) have a need for Cyber Engineers. The foremost focus of a Cyber Engineer is to consider issues of securability before other (albeit also important) issues such as robustness, performance, and scalability when looking at a system. Our CYEN program also covers a good bit of social and ethical issues (including cyber law). So a Cyber Engineer will be good at providing valuable input about both technical and social related issues in an organization. There are many organizations that we know of that are looking to hire Cyber Engineers in the near future. Since the field is new, we envision that more and more companies will come knocking on our door!