Program Curriculum

CYEN students take a mix of courses in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Engineering, Mathematics, and Physics. Other courses in English, the Social Sciences, Fine Arts, Biology, and History are also required by the university.

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(If you started the program between the Fall of 2016 and the Fall of 2017, check out your curriculum curriculum. If you started before Fall of 2016, check out the Pre-Fall 2016 curriculum.)
Undergraduate Courses in Cyber Engineering:
CYEN 120: Introduction to Computer Programming
CYEN 122: Intermediate Computer Programming
CYEN 301: Computer Network Security
CYEN 400: Cyber Futures
CYEN 401: Digital Forensics and Steganography
CYEN 402: Access Control Logic and Covert Channels
CYEN 403: Wireless and Mobile Security
CYEN 480: Theory of Cyber Science
CYEN 481: Software Design and Engineering
CYEN 482: Senior Capstone

Degree Pyramid from Bachelor's to Ph.D.
Students attending Bachelor's in Cyber Engineering or Bachelor's in Computer Science at Louisiana Tech will have options to continue their Master's in either Engineering or Computer Science with Cyber Concentration or Electrical Engineering Concentration respectively. These students will also have options to directly enroll into a Ph.D program in Computation Analaysis and Modeling (C.A.M.) or Engineering with Cyberspace and Network Science Concentration or Cyberspace Engineering Concentration respectively.

Cyber Storm

Cyber Storm is an annual day-long cyber security competition held at Louisiana Tech University that pits several teams of students in a fierce battle in cyberspace to test their skills in network defense and attack strategies. Read More >>