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Graduate Studies

B.S. and M.S. Concurrent Enrollment

Undergraduate seniors who are within 30 semester hours of obtaining a Bachelor's degree may be allowed to register for graduate (500-level) courses for credit if they meet requirements explained in Chapter 15 of the University Catalog (page 115). This allows them to earn graduate credit and have the GRE/GMAT requirements waived for admission into their chosen concurrent enrollment degree after graduating with a bachelor's degree. The requirements are as follows:

Once accepted into concurrent enrollment, a student may earn up to 12 semester hours of graduate credit, with no more than 4 semester hours per quarter. To maintain concurrent enrollment, a student must: 


Please note that the graduate level courses cannot be used to satisfy undergraduate degree requirements. Failing to meet these requirements will cause the student to be dropped from the concurrent enrollment program and require the student to appeal for reinstatement prior to any further graduate enrollment. Also, students who are accepted into the concurrent enrollment program are accepted only as a concurrent student. They will need to fill out a "new" application in order to be accepted into a graduate program as a graduate student.