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Graduate Studies

Dual Degree Programs

Students have the option of being concurrently enrolled in more than one graduate degree program. The Graduate School policies concerning dual matriculation are described in the University Catalog (see Chapter 15 under "Dual Degree Programs.")

The following policies apply to students who wish to take advantage of this provision in the College of Engineering & Science:

Separate application and admission to each degree program is required. Each degree program will have separate Plans of Study and Advisory Committees (committee membership does not have to be mutually exclusive). Courses taken can be applied towards both degrees if they are listed on the respective Plans of Study and receive approval as being appropriate for the given degree programs.

For Ph.D. students pursuing the concurrent enrollment provision to earn an M.S. degree, the Ph.D. will be designated as the primary program and the M.S. will be the secondary program. The degree for the secondary program can be awarded at the same time as, or after, the completion of the primary degree.

Ph.D. students who decide to earn an M.S. degree after beginning their doctoral studies can, once admitted to the M.S. program, use appropriate courses from the Ph.D. Plan of Study on their M.S. Plan of Study, with the approval of the M.S. advisory committee. There is no limit on the number of courses that can be used for this purpose.

If two M.S. degrees are sought simultaneously, the requirements for a "Second Master's Degree" will apply to the secondary program, as described in the University Catalog (see Chapter 15 under "A Second Master's Degree.")