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The master file of your graduate career is kept in the Office of Research and Graduate Studies. It is this office that will be responsible for certifying your completion of the degree requirements, therefore, it is of utmost importance that you file the necessary forms and insure that your records are accurate and complete. Many of the required forms are available via links on this page.

During your first quarter of study you will need to form an Advisory Committee and submit the Advisory Committee Form to Research & Graduate Studies Office. Students in the Master of Science program will select a minimum of three committee members, one of whom serves as chairman. Ph.D. students in Engineering and Biomedical Engineering are required to select five members with one member serving as chairman. CAM doctoral committees consist of four members, a major professor, a representative from Math & Statistics, a representative from Computer Science, and a representative from the student's area of application, with one member serving as chairman. If any of the members change, a new Advisory Committee form will need to be executed.

After each selected faculty member has agreed to serve, the student in concert with his/her committee will design a Plan of Study. Once the student, committee members, and program chair have signed the Plan of Study, the student will take the form to the Research and Graduate Studies office. Revisions to the Plan of Study must be filed whenever changes are made, such as course substitution.

When the student with the approval of his/her committee chooses a topic for his/her thesis/dissertation, the student will need to file a Proposal for Thesis/Dissertation. The Proposal, usually a 3-7 page document, should address each of the Roman Numerals I-V on the Proposal Cover Page; which is then signed by student, committee members, and the program chair and submitted to the Research and Graduate Studies office.

The student's progress through the graduate program is marked by several milestones. The selection of the Advisory Committee and filing of a Plan of Study are the initial steps. ALL students should have completed these two steps by the end of the first quarter of enrollment. For the master's student, filing of the thesis proposal is the next major step. After the final successful defense of the thesis, the student's major advisor will complete a Comprehensive Exam Report.

For the doctoral student, the Comprehensive Exam Report will mark two major milestones: the passing of the general comprehensive/qualifying exam and the successful defense of the final dissertation. At the time that the general comprehensive is passed successfully, the student will submit an Admission to Candidacy Form which signifies that the student has completed all necessary requirements for candidacy and is ready to begin the dissertation work.

There are several resources to assist in ensuring your thesis or dissertation is formatted to the requirements of the University. There is a Word Template and checklist. In addition, there is a LaTeX template.