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Communications Systems Certificate

Certificate Overview

The primary objectives of this program are to empower non-traditional students by broadening their knowledge base, enabling them to perform better in their current position as well as increase the range of opportunities for their professional development; and to provide traditional students an opportunity to enter the lucrative field of telecommunications. The courses are designed to meet the interdisciplinary needs of students with backgrounds in business, engineering, and computer science; in a field defined by the dynamic interplay of regulatory, industrial, and technological constraints. Emphasis is given to providing a thorough understanding of the fundamental principles, current state-of-the-art technology, and the ability to solve problems and make wise decisions regarding emerging and future technologies.

This program will be offered online, at the Louisiana Tech Ruston campus, and in the evenings at the CenturyLink Headquarters in Monroe, LA,  and the Louisiana Tech Transfer Center in Shreveport, LA, via compressed video. The class presentations will be captured and posted for students’ use after the class or in case their work schedule requires them to miss class. The class capture also enables the class to be taken by students in other locations.

Students who complete the graduate certificate in Communications Systems may consider applying to one of Tech's Master's or doctoral degree programs, including the MBA program offered by the College of Business at Louisiana Tech, or to the M.S. in Engineering and Technology and Management or to the M.S. in Engineering offered by the College of Engineering and Science at Louisiana Tech.

Certificate at a Glance

Program Contact: Dr. Galen Turner (gturner@latech.edu), Director of Computer Science, Cyber Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Electrical Engineering Technology

15 credit hours

5 quarters (15 months) to complete (on average)

GRE or GMAT is not required for the certificate

Applicants must meet admission requirements to the Graduate School at Louisiana Tech

Admission to the Graduate Certificate Program does not constitute admission to a Master's level degree program

Thesis is not required in this Graduate Certificate Program

Class presentations captured and available for students

Online classes offered in the future