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Graduate Studies

M.S. in Engineering

Admission Requirements

An official GRE score is required for admission. A minimum score of 300 total in the Verbal and Quantitative (V+Q) sections of the GRE is used as a guideline for all student admissions, and is especially important for international students. U.S. students with a lower GRE score may also be admitted if they have an undergraduate GPA of at least 2.8 from an ABET-accredited Engineering program.

International students must also submit an official TOEFL score-- minimum of 550 (paper based) or 80 (internet based) -- to qualify for admission. Additional information for international students is available at the Graduate School's International Requirements & English Language Proficiency page.

Areas of Concentration

The M.S. in Engineering at Louisiana Tech offers students the opportunity to specialize in certain areas of Engineering by taking a certain number of courses in that area and by conducting research leading to a thesis or a practicum in that area. The available areas of concentration and the Coordinators for those areas are as follows.

Biomedical Engineering: Associate Professor Steve A. JonesCurriculum (PDF)

Chemical Engineering: Assistant Professor Eric ShererCurriculum (PDF)

Civil Engineering: Associate Professor Nazimuddin WasiuddinCurriculum (PDF)

Communication Systems: Professor Sumeet DuaCurriculum (PDF)

Electrical Engineering: Professor Ratsko SelmicCurriculum (PDF)

Industrial Engineering: Associate Professor Jun-Ing KerCurriculum (PDF)

Mechanical Engineering: Associate Professor Henry CardenasCurriculum (PDF)

Specialized tracks for the M.S. in Engineering are being developed for the Shreveport-Bossier metropolitan area, including Construction, Energy, and Manufacturing.  Courses are already available in Civil Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering which meet these goals, and new courses are being developed.

Additional information about each program area can be obtained by contacting the coordinators named above.

Graduate Assistantships

The College of Engineering and Science provides a limited number of Graduate Assistantships to M.S. students. These assistantships are typically awarded by the areas of concentration (see above), and are primarily aimed at meeting the instructional support needs (grading, lab proctoring, etc.) of the program.

Research Assistantships are also available to M.S. and Ph.D. students through the Research Centers and individual faculty members with research grants.