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Graduate Studies

M.S. in Microsystems Engineering (Professional Track)

We are offering a one-year "professional track" in M.S. in Microsystems Engineering. This leads to a graduate degree that will:

(a) provide broad exposure to microsystems and nanosystems engineering principles,
(b) provide hands-on laboratory experience in microfabrication and microelectronics, and
(c) prepare you for the Ph.D./ENGR degree by allowing you to complete several required courses while earning the M.S. degree.

The degree would entail no thesis and no research-based practicum, and will require a total of 33 SCH.

It is possible to complete this degree in one year (three quarters plus one summer). The curriculum is as follows:

Course Category

Microsystems Courses

MSE 501, 502, 510 (3 SCH lab course), and any TWO of the following: MSE 504, 505, 506.  15 hours

Disciplinary Courses

(Biomedical, Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Industrial, Mechanical, or Microsystems)
Choose three courses from an engineering area of your interest. 9 hours

Mathematics & Statistics

One MATH course and one STAT course. 6 hours


A course from an engineering discipline or another area approved by your academic advisory committee. 3 hours

TOTAL 33 hours

A PDF curriculum sheet is available for download here.

How to Apply

The application procedure is the same as that for other MS programs. The Graduate School application form needs to be filled out with the following degree codes.

The degree codes to be used on the first page are: EM, MMSE, MSEN

Microsystems Courses

MSE 501: Fundamentals of Microfabrication Processes (Fall)
MSE 502: Microsystems Principles(Winter)
MSE 504: Advanced Materials for Micro/Nano Devices & Systems (Winter)
MSE 505: Nanotechnology Principles (Spring)
MSE 506: Micro/Nano Scale Materials Measurements & Analysis (Spring)
MSE 507: Advanced Microfabrication with Computer-Aided Design (Winter)
MSE 508: Advanced Microelectronics Devices with Computer-Aided Design (Spring)
MSE 510: Microsystems Design, Fabrication, and Testing Laboratory (Summer)
MSE 512: Biotechnology Principles (Fall)

Recommended Mathematics & Statistics Courses

PHYS 510: Mathematical Methods for Physics (Fall)
ENGR 592: Engineering Computational Methods (Winter)
STAT 505: Statistics for Engineering and Science (Winter)
MATH 574: Numerical Solutions to Partial Differential Equations (Spring)
INEN 514: Industrial Statistics (Winter; also offered off-campus periodically.)