COES inducts new members into the Order of the Engineer

May 15, 2014 | Engineering and Science

Louisiana Tech has inducted 76 new members into the national Order of the Engineer, an organization established to foster a spirit of pride, individual integrity and responsibility in the engineering profession. “We are proud that so many of our students recognize the impact their decisions as engineers will have on society and we are proud that we can offer them this opportunity to show their dedication to engineering both as a profession and as a service to others,” said Dr. Hisham Hegab, dean of the College of Engineering and Science at Louisiana Tech. During the ceremony, initiates receive a stainless steel ring to be worn on the fifth finger of the working hand and accept the Obligation of the Engineer, an ethical code similar to the Hippocratic Oath taken by medical professionals, in which they pledge to uphold the standards and dignity of the engineering profession. “We are so pleased to have a large number of our engineering seniors join the Order of the Engineer,” stated Dr. Jenna Carpenter, associate dean of undergraduate studies in the College of Engineering and Science. “It emphasizes not only integrity, tolerance and respect, but also the obligation of engineers to serve humanity and make the best use of our natural resources.” The following inductees, listed below, join a prestigious group of engineering graduates from across the nation who have completed ABET-accredited curricula as well as professionals who have earned their engineering licenses. Louisiana Tech has been a member “Link” in the organization since 2005. Joshua Nicholas Alleman, Christopher Autin, Christopher Blake Bagwell, Rachel Kathryn Baker, Jered Granger Batten, Daniel Binet, Ross Nelson Blair, Stephen Bleakley, John Breckenridge, Nyssa Annette Briggs, Jerel A. Brown, George Walter Carpenter, III, Sarah Elaine Caudle, Adam Chadwick, Nadia Danielle Charbonnet, Aaron J. Chenevert, Janelle Denae Cooper, Brittany Nicole Copponex, Dylan Curole, Jamilya A. Dartion, Cedric Zachery Davis, Tucker Allen Deaton, Cody Allen Decoteau, Christin Denman, Chase DeShazer, Alexis Nicole Eschete, Ivana Flores, Thomas James Gassiott, Jordan Gates, Shana Haines, William Hanna, Ethan Clark Hilton, David Dwain Hinds, Sanford Porter Holliday, Hannah Diane Howe, Lauren Ashleigh Jennings, Brantley Dennard Johnson, Preston Mitchell Johnson, Jenna Joseph, Sean Michael Karpa, Vinh The Lam, Kimberly Annette Latino, Hayden Kenneth Lewis, Shelby Robert Maddox, Kori Madere, Brittany Manuel, Dakota Bradford Martin, Ashley Danielle Matthews, Kelsey Ariel McHalffey, Ivan Dean Meade, David Miller, Walter Miltenberger, Charles Brad Morton, Caleb Norton, Salvatore Joseph Pellittieri, III, Ian Stone Phelps, Kyle Steven Plauché, Joshua Prosperie, Austin Reed, Ryan Luther Roberts, Barrett Routon, Hannah Grace Russin, James Louis Salmon, Evan Sanders, Benjamin K. Smith, Hannah Elisabeth Sober, Tyler Jacob Spence, Daniel Joseph Stevens, Chance Tarver, Matthew Vetter, Andrew James Vicknair, Samuel Joseph Wade, Christopher West, Garrett Wade Wilburn, Trey Wilson, and John Austin Young Written by Brandy McKnight –