2023 COES Design and Research Conference

Construction Engineering Technology Senior Projects

Integrated Engineering and Science Building 220.

Walter O. Bigby Carriageway, Bossier City Bridge over UPRR

Teams will act as highway/heavy contractors that will bid on this project. Each bid will include information as if the team will perform the construction of the Walter O. Bigby Carriageway Bridge over the UPRR themselves and subcontract all other work for the project. Teams must consider the delivery and erection of the long steel girders while working over an active railroad.

Advisor: Mr. Reginald Jeter

1:00 p.m. Team Members: Brandon Clouatre, Hayden Hensley, John-Michael Johnson, Tyler Kincaid, Austin Wilson
1:30 p.m. Team Members: Jamie Brown, Calissa Miller, Peyton Murphy, Jared Offord, Adams Uwimana
2:00 p.m. Team Members: Kailyn Borne, Ethan Brantly, Shaylee Puls, Abigail Raley, Lucas Smith
2:30 p.m. Team Members: Emile Armand, Madison Coats, Schaffer Cobb, Jada Lewis
3:00 p.m. Team Members: Tanner Bush, Eric Fisher, Martin Ninh, Harrison Smith
3:30 p.m. Team Members: Jacob Hanson, Zachary Harrell, Sam Jusselin, Christian Marsh, Carson Massad

Integrated Engineering and Science Building 222.

I-10 Bridge over KCSR between Siegen and Highland

The design-build contractor for this project has recently been awarded a contract for an emergency repair project that has the potential for a very good profit margin and requires their bridge construction crews for it. Each team will act as a subcontractor and will submit a bid to the general contractor for this challenging project. Teams have to consider how to construct the bridge with live traffic close by, a high-voltage power line above, and an active railroad below the middle section of the bridge.

Advisor: Mr. Reginald Jeter

1:00 p.m. Team Members: Kody Bryant, Nick Gauthe, Shalvin Richard, Brin Wilson, Nial Wilson
1:30 p.m. Team Members: Harris Downer, John Flores, Garrett Foreman, Josh Simmons, Jack Trageser
2:00 p.m. Team Members: Caroline Bishop, Matthew Guion, Bryce Moon, Collin Richard, Gabe Theiss
2:30 p.m. Team Members: Jarrett Camp, Avere Doles, Brandon Eads, Austin Jones, Nick Shows
3:00 p.m. Team Members: Carson Fields, Lane Gagnard, Kyler Hill, Emily Nolasco, Craig Waxley
3:30 p.m. Team Members: Jed Dailey, Jake Gray, Jordon Mazzeno, Ryan Snow