2023 Design and Research Conference

Industrial Engineering Senior Projects

Integrated Engineering and Science Building 110.

1:00 p.m.

Lincoln Parish School Bus Network Optimization

Team Members: Kosi Anadi, Wes Brady, Hayden Scaff

Sponsor: Lincoln Parish School System

Advisor: Dr. Jun-Ing Ker

The Lincoln Parish School Board oversees bus transportation for about 3,000 students. Bus routes, in their current state, are at the discretion of each bus driver. Mapping software is only used to add students to a bus roster: Bus drivers have established routes through experience and familiarity with the area. The main problem with the current system is variability among routes. A majority of drivers will stop in front of each student’s house, but there are several drivers that have established stops to unload multiple students at a time. There are regulations for how far from a student’s house a bus can unload. Drivers are aware of this rule and a majority choose to abide by stopping in front of every house. Our objective was to develop a system that could create concentrated bus stops in accordance with current regulations and find the shortest distance between stops to limit the amount of time a student spends on the bus. As a group, we collected data from specific bus routes from the 2021-2022 school year to compare against a system with limited stops and optimized routing.

1:30 p.m.

PumpWorks Inventory Improvement System

Team Members: Shelby Brooks, Sophie Fijneman, Ana Moscoso, Ifunanya Onwuchuluba

Sponsor: PumpWorks

Advisor: Dr. Jun-Ing Ker

For this project, we developed a solution to improve the time and efficiency of assembling pumps, focusing on the inventory for PumpWorks in Shreveport, Louisiana. Our primary tasks were to provide an improved inventory marketplace for all standard parts for the assembly department, standardize the parts that are used for the pumps, and implement a system to maintain an accurate inventory.

2:00 p.m.

Simulations of Staffing, Staging, and Efficiency of an Assembly Line

Team Members: Jacob Bouton, Sarah Petersson, Caihren Wood

Sponsor: Hardware Resources

Advisor: Dr. Jun-Ing Ker

Hardware Resources in Bossier City, Louisiana, produces a variety of kitchen cabinetry. In this project, we focus on drawer boxes, specifically the standard box, high-back rollout, and rollout. Currently, the manufacturing plant is not meeting the production goal consistently. Many factors, such as being short-staffed, lacking a designated staging area for each station, frequent bottlenecks at various stations, and using work standards that are not based on a time study affect the production goal. In this project, our goals are to improve the production output, propose staging area and expected work in process levels, optimize efficiency and output, and determine more accurate production standards. To achieve these goals, we have created an Arena simulation to better understand the staging, a scheduling spreadsheet to maximize output and productivity, and time studies for production rates. We recorded and analyzed the outcomes.