Advising and Student Success

For questions about advising or the integrated engineering and science freshman and sophomore block schedules, see the links on the Advising Materials page.

First-year Students: To set up a one-on-one advising appointment with one of our Student Success personnel, please click one of the following links.

Biomedical Engineering, Computer Science, Cyber Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Nanosystems Engineering students should contact Charlotte Wilkerson.

Nethken Hall 141


Or schedule an appointment.

Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Mechanical Engineering students should contact Tasha Garrett.

Bogard Hall 210


Or schedule an appointment.

*Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Construction Engineering Technology, and Instrumentation Control   Systems Engineering Technology students will be assigned advisors within individual departments.

Important Dates

Techniques for Success: September 12

How Do I Find My Advisor?

Look up your advisor on B.O.S.S.

If Dr. Tims is your advisor and you are taking UNIV 100, ENGR 120 or ENGR 121, you will be advised in class.

If Dr. Tims is your advisor and you are not taking UNIV 100, ENGR 120 or ENGR 121, sign up for advising outside of Bogard Hall 217.

If your advisor is someone else, schedule an appointment with that professor.

What Do I Need to Bring to Advising?

You can find your advisor’s name on B.O.S.S. Once you’ve identified an advisor, contact him or her to sign up for advising. Make sure to bring an advising form filled out with course numbers, sections, call numbers, dates and times, an up-to-date curriculum sheet and a pen.

How Do I Register for Classes?

Step 1. Go to B.O.S.S.

Step 2. Select “Student B.O.S.S. Login.”

This will put you on a “Student Login” page.

Step 3. Insert your campus-wide ID number (CWID) into the “Student ID” field. Insert the eight digits only, no dashes.

Step 4. Insert your B.O.S.S. personal identification (PIN) number into the PIN field. Your pin is six digits.

Step 5. Click the “Login” button.

If all the information is filled out correctly, this action will lead you to your student page.

Step 6. Select the term for which you are applying.

Step 7. Register for classes.

Step 8. Mouse over “Student Records” and select “Account Summary/Payments” to pay for your classes/confirm your schedule.

Step 9. Select “Pay by Credit Card,” “Pay by eCheck,” or “Confirm Schedule” and follow instructions.

What Mathematics Class Do I Take Next?

If you started in Math 101, take Math 240 next.

If you started in Math 100B & 100C, take Math 112, then Math 240.

If you started in Math 099, then take Math 100B & 100C, followed by Math 112 and Math 240.

*You must complete each class with a “C” or higher to take the next class.

Probation and Suspension

A successful student and remaining in good academic standing go hand in hand!  Being proactive, forming good study habits, self-discipline, efficient time management, committed attendance – can all help a student flourish academically.

When a student’s cumulative (overall) GPA is a 2.0 or better, the student is considered to be in Good Academic Standing.

However, sometimes students do struggle during various times for different reasons. Academic probation is a warning that a student is having difficulty in meeting academic requirements. A student is placed on Academic Probation when the cumulative GPA falls below a 2.0. Students who are on Academic Probation must earn at least a 2.0 for their current quarter GPA to avoid Academic Suspension.

Your Student Success team will work with you to understand the context of your situation, help specify what needs to change, refer you to available forms of assistance, and aid in the implementation of a plan for future success.

If you feel at risk of being placed on academic probation or suspension, or would like to ask questions about your individual academic status, please contact Tasha Smith at